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For a third day, jurors in the murder trial of Diana Haun continued deliberations but failed to return a verdict Wednesday in the high-profile Ventura County case. The panel posed two questions, however, one of which focused on the definition of "conspiracy" as spelled out in the complex instructions provided by the judge last week. Judge Frederick A. Jones met privately with prosecutors and defense attorneys in chambers for several hours to draft written responses to the question.
May 25, 2012 | By David Zucchino, Los Angeles Times
GREENSBORO, N.C. - The federal judge in the John Edwards trial closed her courtroom Friday afternoon to deal with what she called a "juror matter," and then sent the jury home for the Memorial Day weekend with no verdict reached. U.S. District Court Judge Catherine Eagles did not disclose what she and lawyers for both sides discussed during the 35 minutes the courtroom was closed to reporters and spectators. Jurors will return for a seventh day of deliberations Tuesday morning.
February 28, 2013 | By Corina Knoll and Jeff Gottlieb, Los Angeles Times
After nearly five days of deliberations, jurors in the Bell corruption trial were ordered Thursday to begin anew after a member of the panel was dismissed for misconduct and replaced by an alternate. The original juror, a white-haired woman identified only as Juror No. 3, told Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Kathleen Kennedy she had gone onto a legal website to look up jury instructions and then asked her daughter to help find a definition for the word "coercion. " Although all but one defense attorney requested that the woman stay, Kennedy said the juror needed to be removed.
December 6, 1986 | From Associated Press
Deliberations began Friday in the second murder trial of Ricky Kyle, the Texas son of a wealthy television executive shot to death three years ago as he searched for a prowler in his Bel-Air mansion. Kyle insists that he fired in self-defense when his millionaire father began shooting as they searched the darkened estate for a burglar, but the prosecution charges that a father-son rift involving drugs and greed led to premeditated murder.
October 4, 2008 | Tony Perry
The jury in the case of four firefighters who claim they were sexually harassed at the 2007 gay pride parade finished its third day of deliberations without reaching a verdict Friday. The jury will resume deliberations Monday. The four firefighters assert that the city violated their rights when they were ordered to drive a truck in the parade despite their objections.
April 28, 1992
A look at key developments on Monday. For the fifth day in a row, the jury of six men and six women failed to reach verdicts against four police officers charged in the beating of King. The jurors deliberated six hours Monday, for a total of 23 hours since receiving the case Thursday afternoon. The officers charged in the beating are now allowed to check in each morning and then leave the Simi Valley Courthouse. Earlier, Judge Stanley M.
February 26, 2002 | From Times Wire Services
A juror in a murder case in Cincinnati was sent to jail for seven days for going on vacation to Mexico in the middle of deliberations. Christine Fiorini, 33, failed to show up after the long Presidents Day weekend, and a warrant was issued for her arrest. Deliberations were put on hold for a week while court officials tried to track her down. Fiorini surfaced Monday and was taken before the judge presiding over the trial.
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