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January 5, 2014 | By Batsheva Sobelman
JERUSALEM - In an unusual show of strength by one of the weakest groups in Israeli society, thousands of African migrants demonstrated in Tel Aviv on Sunday to protest their treatment by the Israeli government. An estimated 10,000 migrants from African countries poured into Tel-Aviv's Rabin Square, chanting slogans that demanded human rights and opposed government policies aimed at discouraging them from staying in Israel by forbidding them from working and placing them in detention.
January 2, 2014 | By Shan Li
Texas billionaire T. Boone Pickens thinks his long bet on natural gas is finally paying off. The legendary oilman has long declared it his mission to wean America off its addiction to foreign oil. He co-founded an Orange County company that builds natural gas stations around the country and sank billions into wind turbines. Pickens' gambles have not always paid off. He lost an estimated $150 million of his personal fortune in wind farming, and admits that he was a couple of decades early into natural gas. But he thinks the time has come for natural gas to shake up the energy industry.
December 28, 2013 | By Tony Perry
SAN DIEGO -- A lawsuit has been filed demanding the city eradicate the "foul, noxious and sickening odors" left by birds and sea lions defecating on the rocks next to La Jolla Cove. The stink offends the patrons of some of La Jolla's best known restaurants overlooking the cove and visitors to the famed La Valencia Hotel, according to the lawsuit filed by a group calling itself Citizens for Odor Nuisance Abatement. The group's president is George Hauer, owner of George's At The Cove, one of the city's premiere dining spots.
December 25, 2013 | By Becca Clemons
WASHINGTON - The tidy Takoma Wellness Center, one of the first medical marijuana dispensaries to open in the nation's capital, has a quaint reception area furnished with black leather chairs, plants and artwork. On the front desk are a pile of business cards and a sign-in sheet. In the back, shelves are stocked with the latest marijuana accessories: pipes, cookbooks, even a machine that mixes the drug into butter or oil for cooking. All that's missing are more patients. Since opening this summer, the three Washington, D.C.-based marijuana dispensaries have served a total of 111 patients in a district with about 600,000 residents.
December 24, 2013 | By Andrea Chang
It's a perk wireless customers have come to expect: Sign up for a two-year service contract, and get a new smartphone at a deeply discounted price or sometimes even free. But the reign of cellphone subsidies could be ending as customers demand more flexible mobile plans, forcing wireless carriers to look for alternatives to the long-standing practice. AT&T Inc. hinted this month that it was considering doing away with phone subsidies. Chief Executive Randall Stephenson said subsidizing a smartphone every two years was an expensive undertaking that he didn't think the company could afford.
December 19, 2013 | By Roger Vincent
Owners of an upscale apartment complex across the street from the popular Grove shopping center in Los Angeles are spending a fortune to make some of their best units even more luxurious - and more expensive to rent. In a handful of pricey neighborhoods across the city, some apartments are beginning to resemble a cross between a $1-million home and a five-star resort. The movement is turning on its head the long-held assumption that wealthy Los Angelenos buy, not rent, their residences.
December 17, 2013 | By Sergei L. Loiko
KIEV, Ukraine - Ukraine's beleaguered President Viktor Yanukovich reached agreement with Russia on Tuesday for a $15-billion loan and a more than 30% cut in the price of Russian natural gas, deals that aren't likely to win him peace from his European-leaning opposition. Thousands of protesters who had gathered in Kiev's Independence Square responded to the news by demanding Yanukovich's resignation and chanting: "Down with the gang!" Yanukovich and Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the accord between the neighboring nations after a meeting at the Kremlin in Moscow.
December 16, 2013 | By Meg James
Gannett Co.'s $2.2-billion acquisition of Belo TV stations can move forward -- but the Department of Justice is demanding the sale of KMOV-TV Channel 4 in St. Louis as a condition for the agency's approval of the deal. The proposed deal would give the McLean, Va., newspaper and broadcasting company multiple TV stations in several markets, which has become an issue for media watchdogs.  The situation in St. Louis was particularly problematic because Gannett owns KSDK-TV, the NBC affiliate there, and Belo owns the CBS affiliate, KMOV-TV -- the top two stations in that market.
December 12, 2013 | By Tiffany Hsu
With holiday spending on clothes and toys off to a chilly start, worried retailers are plying shoppers with an early gift: Black Friday-style bargains extended into the first weeks of December. Merchants get nervous each year during the dreaded early-December shopping lull, when consumers rest their wallets before swarming back into malls at the last minute - if they return at all. But this time, shoppers are splurge-shy, there's a dearth of hot new fashion trends and the key Thanksgiving weekend failed to deliver hoped-for sales.
December 11, 2013 | By Victoria Butenko and Sergei L. Loiko
KIEV, Ukraine -- Ukrainian riot police used force in an attempt to disperse protesters in downtown Kiev on Wednesday, further stoking opposition leaders, who vowed to coax hundreds of thousands into the streets, rejected more negotiations and demanded President Viktor Yanukovich's resignation. "There can be no compromises with thugs and dictators," Vitali Klitschko, a world heavyweight boxing champion and an opposition leader said in a statement published Wednesday on his party's official website.
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