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January 7, 2005
Fabian Nunez is in denial. Nunez, the state Assembly speaker, told Times reporters Wednesday night that he didn't see why Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger would bother taking his plan to alter how electoral districts are drawn to the voters, who Nunez thinks aren't interested in such matters. Senate Leader Don Perata of Oakland said much the same a few days ago, and even a few Republicans similarly dismissed the idea.
March 10, 1999
As recently as last week, there was clear evidence that the Metropolitan Transportation Authority and its board still didn't get it. There was the agency at a meeting Sunday trying to defend to riders a decision to cancel or shorten 18 bus lines when the Hollywood leg of the Red Line subway opens later this year. This was simple logic by MTA standards. Riders won't need buses once the subway opens, the board insisted, so shut down the lines.
February 18, 2001 | MATTHEW HELLER, Matthew Heller's last story for the magazine was a profile of St. John Knits' Kelly Gray
There's a star on the stage of the Great Western Forum. Immaculately dressed as always, 6-foot-1, tanned, not a hair out of place, he is a veteran of such very public appearances. In seminar after seminar, convention after convention, he has captivated thousands of people around the world with his charisma, sincerity and enthusiasm. But this appearance, on Feb. 19, 2000, is something special for Mark Reynolds Hughes.
October 24, 2009
One purpose of the healthcare reform effort in Washington is to help more Americans obtain coverage, in part by making policies available to people with preexisting health problems. But the pending bills wouldn't end the nightmares faced by others whose insurance fails them when they need it most. The problem starts with the 35-year-old Employee Retirement Income Security Act, a federal law that regulates the pensions, retirement savings programs and other benefits provided by private employers, guilds or unions.
November 18, 1990
The City Council on Wednesday approved plans for a 10,000-square-foot house in the Emerald Hills tract, reversing a denial last month by the Planning Commission. Commission members had said the proposed two-story Colonial-style house in the 19900 block of Tennessee Trail would be overwhelming and incompatible with other homes in the neighborhood.
May 16, 1993
A firm contracted by Los Angeles County to electronically monitor people under house arrest filed suit last week, challenging the Monrovia City Council's denial of a conditional permit to allow felons to visit the firm's office. Linda Connelly & Associates, a San Francisco-based company, asserts in its Los Angeles Superior Court complaint that council members did not base their denial on factual assertions.
January 16, 1992
Representatives of the Holocaust denial movement responded to the condemnatory Times' editorial that they were shocked--shocked!--by the editorial tone; they claim that they were simply calling for "evenhandedness," and an "open debate" with those whose "point of view" holds that the Nazis tried to exterminate European Jewry during World War II (letters, Jan. 3).
May 12, 1991
Joan Cooper's letter recently attacking Supervisor Ed Edelman for voting to deny the Montevideo project is absurd. What costs Los Angeles County taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars are proposals like Montevideo. This project has been before the Board of Supervisors 32 times. How many hours of staff time and dollars of taxpayers' money is that? Add to that Supervisor Mike Antonovich's motion to reconsider and send this project back to the Regional Planning Commission, where we have already held innumerable hearings, and you add more thousands of dollars of staff time.
March 18, 1989
In an article long on sarcasm and short on insight ("The Burghers Who Killed Rock," Orange County Calendar, March 2), Mike Boehm accuses Laguna Beach (City) Council members of being stodgy "burghers" and possibly racists for their denial of an alcohol license to Club Postnuclear. Boehm further states that the council members are the county's elite, motivated by affluence. Since the owner of Club Postnuclear, Max Nee, initiated the idealistic no-smoking, no-alcohol policy but found that he did not make enough money, is he not the one who is motivated by affluence?
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