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Denise Hamilton

June 5, 1986
The May 8 San Gabriel Valley section contained an article authored by Alan Maltun and Denise Hamilton entitled "Court OKs Concord Sale to Pay Creditors." That article involved the sale of the Concord Building, which is an asset of a Chapter 11 bankruptcy estate pending before the Honorable William Lazarow, bankruptcy judge. However, that article also discusses other bankruptcy proceedings, including that of United Community Church. This office is counsel to the church in that case. My client takes exception to the conclusion in your article that United Community Church is "affiliated" with the Rev. William McBirnie.
Three Oxnard residents will participate in the Olympic torch relay as it moves through Ventura County next month. The organizers of the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City allotted the city of Oxnard three runners for the local portion of the relay, said Jeanette Villanueva-Walker, a city spokeswoman. The three runners are David Rodela, Denise Hamilton and Richard Madrid, who also works for the city. "It was very competitive," Villanueva-Walker said of the selection process.
April 18, 1993
Contributing to the verdict coverage were Alan Abrahamson, Emily Adams, Randal C. Archibold, David Avila, Alexei Barrionuevo, Sharon Bernstein, Patricia Ward Biederman, Howard Blume, Edward J. Boyer, Bettina Boxall, Nancy Rivera-Brooks, Elston C.
February 8, 1987
This is in response to the excellent article written by Denise Hamilton (Jan. 5) regarding Department 95 of the Los Angeles Superior Court where hearings pertaining to mental competency are conducted. Hamilton is to be commended for accurately describing the pathetic system we use in dealing with people with brain diseases. Through impartial documentation of court activities, she revealed the many problems encountered daily by mentally ill people and the judicial staff. Although it must be difficult for judges to decide who should be hospitalized and who should be released, the real tragedy is that those who are discharged are turned out into a community that has little to offer for care and treatment.
November 28, 1987
While it is in fact old news that revival theaters have been disappearing, due to a decline in audience interest in certain classic, revival and cult films, it is absolutely wrong to conclude from my comments a general decline in interest in "art" films ("Bringing the Movies Closer to Home--But Art Houses are Doing a Big Fade Out in L.A.," by Denise Hamilton, Nov. 23). Our 29 non-revival screens, including the Samuel Goldwyn Pavilion Cinemas, are successfully playing many first-run "art" films.
April 4, 2010 | By Robin Russin
Los Angeles Noir 2 The Classics Edited by Denise Hamilton Akashic: 300 pp., $15.95 paper Orange County Noir Edited by Gary Phillips Akashic: 300 pp., $15.95 paper "You can make a lot of mistakes in just one lifetime," says violet-eyed Eve Cressy in Raymond Chandler's "I'll Be Waiting," one of the stories in "Los Angeles Noir 2: The Classics." That sums up the spirit of noir, where if you make a mistake -- and you will -- you'll find yourself skewered like a worm on a hook.
September 30, 2012
While Los Angeles is a big perfume hub, the Bay Area more than holds its own. "San Francisco has a great artistic vibe.... There is a Wild West energy here … artists, chefs, chocolatiers, writers and designers cross-pollinate ideas regularly," says Bay Area perfumer Yosh Han. Han, whose mother was an ikebana master, is influenced by her work in a flower shop as well as Eastern medicine and philosophy. But she attributes her career to kismet: The Chinese character for her name means "aroma.
September 7, 1985
In regards to Denise Hamilton's article on the historic Encino Indian archeological site (Aug. 25), my misgivings as indicated to her in July about talking to most reporters continue to be confirmed by the misinformation given about me in her article, this after more than an hour's conversation and ending in print as two sentences. To be specific, I was not "hired by Desautels" in any way to be involved in the Encino site, nor for that matter, in any of her past work in Encino.
November 23, 1985 | JANET RAE-DUPREE, Times Staff Writer
A North Hollywood man who rejected his attorney's advice to accept a plea bargain and demanded that his case go to trial was convicted Friday of first-degree murder for shooting his father-in-law to death. A San Fernando Superior Court jury also found Armik Markarian, 34, guilty of one count of attempted murder for attacking his mother-in-law and one count of assault with a deadly weapon for shooting his estranged wife, Maria, through the hand and beating her with a rifle.
September 10, 2001
Linda Marsa's article "Last Days Needn't Be Spent in Agony," as well as other related stories in the Aug. 20 issue, were excellent and, in my case, very timely. I just realized that it was time to update my 10-year-old documents, such as my living will and the durable power of attorney for health care. I am grateful for the Web sites you listed for downloading blank forms. I would just like to add something I learned from experience. It is true that many private insurance plans do not specifically cover in-home hospice care; however, many insurance companies' case managers will be humane and understanding enough to approve hospice care under the policy's "visits by registered nurses" provision.
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