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Dennis Rodman

June 26, 1997 | RANDY HARVEY
According to a British magazine, Shaquille O'Neal was asked once if he had visited the Parthenon during a trip to Greece. "I can't really remember the names of the clubs we went to," he said. Until this week, I would have thought all of Greece would have been offended by his lack of a classical education. I didn't know Greece. Apparently, all is fair there in love, war and basketball. What made me reconsider was the report a Greek team offered a contract to Dennis Rodman.
March 10, 2013
1.Government authorities in Jamaica say they have uncovered a ring involved in trafficking Jamaican children to another Caribbean country. It was unknown how many children were involved. 2.After the meteor explosion last month over Chelyabinsk, Russia, officials hope to develop the area as a tourist attraction. A local travel agency is already booking summer trips for Japanese tourists. 3.The Naked Rambler, a Brit who has twice walked the length of the country while wearing no clothes, was in jail again after he was caught in public in Southampton, England, wearing only boots, socks and a knapsack.
December 17, 1996 | Bill Plaschke
When the Lakers visit the Chicago Bulls tonight in a star-filled potential NBA championship preview, the focus will be on one man. Every move will be dissected. Every mannerism will be examined. He'll raise his eyebrows, we'll nudge our friends. Michael Jordan? Shaquille O'Neal? We just hope they don't block our view of a selfish, profane, rebel-with-a-screw-loose named Dennis Rodman. Which says something pretty disturbing. And not about Dennis Rodman.
January 19, 2004 | Alan Rifkin, Special to The Times
It was a rededicated Dennis Rodman who arrived to play professional basketball in Long Beach. You wouldn't even have recognized him, except for the sunglasses, the hair dyed orange and blue like all-weather carpeting, the black Von Dutch T-shirt with red reflecting signature, the tattoos, the earrings and the two cameramen backpedaling ahead of him to the door. And the white Mercedes-Benz detailed with something like flames, and Rodman's face.
Dennis Rodman and Brian Williams share many of the fruits of life in the NBA. They are young, rich, talented and athletic. But these days, both share something else: Each is troubled, his life disjointed and filled with questions. Rodman is back in the Detroit Pistons' lineup, once again worming his way to the top of the NBA's rebounding chart. That's not to say, however, that he'll be doing the same tomorrow.
June 23, 2009 | Mike Penner
Phil Jackson's calm demeanor on the bench during Lakers games is the result of having coached a certain player more than decade ago. Yes, Dennis Rodman can have that effect on a coach. Last week, Jackson told Conan O'Brien that he used to be "a pacer" before the Chicago Bulls obtained Rodman in 1995. "Dennis fed off the coach," Jackson said, "and you know how volatile he could be. He could be really excitable. "I just said, 'I'm going to sit down and be quiet and just see if that cools him down.'
February 23, 1999 | BILL PLASCHKE
By the time you read this, this town's last family-run sports team is expected to have a new face. It has two rings in its nose. It uses obscenities as if they were prepositions. It speaks of sexual activities as if talking about taking out the garbage. It trashes new teammates even before meeting them. It insults critics, then weeps when those insults are returned.
Sunday / "3rd Rock From the Sun" 8 p.m. NBC Some would say out-there Dennis Rodman is from another planet, making him the ideal guest for this goofy sitcom. The hourlong season premiere picks up from last spring when high commander Dick was locked in the basement by his terrible twin (both played in looney, over-the-top, Emmy-winning style by John Lithgow). Rodman, who plays himself (as if anyone else could), sports a green dye job here. **** "Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman" 8 p.m.
S chwing!!? Cha-ching!? If it's 1992 and you're running across nonsense words, you're probably watching TV with your kids or looking at the back of Dennis Rodman's head. Like hieroglyphics on a pyramid, these messages Rodman has had painstakingly carved into his haircut must tell us something about the nature of the being inside. But what? Cha-ching! is from a commercial for a convenience store. Schwing!! is from "Wayne's World," another of your teen-agers' favorites.
November 1, 2009 | Mike Penner
Like almost everyone who has ever appeared in or watched an NBA game, Dennis Rodman has an opinion in the Kobe Bryant-LeBron James "who's better?" debate. He just picked an unusual forum to voice it: the "Judge Jeanine Pirro" syndicated courtroom television show. During Monday's upcoming show, Rodman sues a friend/assistant for allegedly gambling away $4,000 of Rodman's money in an Atlantic City, N.J., casino. And he was asked the obvious question: Kobe or LeBron? "That's an easy question," Rodman says.
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