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August 24, 1992 | Reuters
Quebec separatists lashed out at the deal struck Saturday by Canada's leaders to keep the country united, calling it a surrender of nationalist hopes. The opposition Parti Quebecois said Quebec Premier Robert Bourassa has betrayed the French-speaking province. "Robert Bourassa has signed the definitive surrender of Quebec's national hopes, and he will carry an immeasurable responsibility with him into history," said party Vice President Bernard Landry.
October 10, 1992 | From Associated Press
Episcopal bishops of Oregon denounced a ballot proposal that calls homosexuality "wrong, unnatural and perverse" and would overturn laws in several localities barring discrimination against homosexuals. Bishops Robert Ladehoff and Rustin Kimsey issued a pastoral letter saying the proposal, known as Measure 9, would create "an environment of suspicion and fear." The issue is on the statewide ballot Nov. 3.
The leading conservative within the Soviet Communist Party's ruling Politburo was fiercely attacked Thursday by an avant-garde liberal newspaper as an opponent of most of President Mikhail S. Gorbachev's political and economic reforms. In a harshly critical Moscow News article reflecting the intense politicking now under way within the Soviet leadership, Yegor K.
April 15, 1986 | Associated Press
OPEC ministers opened their latest talks today by condemning the U.S. bombing of Libya but they did not discuss the possibility of banning oil shipments to the United States as requested by Libya, the cartel's president said. Arturo Hernandez Grisanti of Venezuela said the ministers will meet again Wednesday to discuss the main business of their conference: trying to find measures that would halt the slide in world oil prices. But he did not rule out more discussion on the Libyan situation.
April 2, 2008 | From Times Wire Reports
More than 100 Arab rights groups and intellectuals in the Middle East condemned a Saudi religious edict calling for the death of two writers for apostasy, saying "clerics of darkness" were practicing intellectual terrorism. Sheik Abdul-Rahman Barrak, one of Saudi Arabia's most revered clerics, said in a rare religious ruling last month that two newspaper columnists should be put to death if they did not renounce their "heretical articles" in public. The two had questioned the Sunni Muslim view in Saudi Arabia that Christians and Jews should be considered unbelievers, which Barrak said implied Muslims were free to follow other religions.
May 31, 1989 | From Reuters
Romania was isolated and denounced today as Europe's most repressive state. Foreign ministers at a 35-nation conference on human rights singled out the government of President Nicolae Ceausescu as the odd man out in a changing Europe. "While strong currents of change are felt throughout Europe, there is one government--Romania--which apparently has decided to go against the tide," Dutch Foreign Affairs Minister Hans van den Broek said. Ceausescu's sweeping plans to modernize Romania include the destruction of thousands of villages of the ethnic Hungarian minority.
January 23, 1987
The chancellor of the University of California, Berkeley, where four football players are alleged to have attacked a woman, has issued a strong denunciation of "date rape" in an appeal mailed directly to 31,000 students. Chancellor Ira Michael Heyman wrote that acquaintance rape "degrades its victims, our campus community and society at large."
January 24, 1989 | Associated Press
The nation made no progress in reducing economic disparities between blacks and whites during the Reagan years, and blacks face increasing misery from poverty, crime and drugs, the National Urban League reported today. The report, "The State of Black America, 1989," is the organization's 14th annual assessment of the status and conditions of blacks in America.
April 26, 1990 | From United Press International
The sale of a General Atomics subsidiary to Toshiba, a Japanese firm that sold secret defense technology to the Soviet Union, drew harsh criticism Tuesday from Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Coronado. General Atomics, one of San Diego's largest defense contractors, announced Monday it was selling 51% of its Applied SuperConetics subsidiary to Toshiba America Medical Systems.
December 31, 1990 | Associated Press
About 40,000 Argentines rallied outside President Carlos Saul Menem's office Sunday and angrily denounced his pardon of key figures in the military dictatorship during the "dirty war" on leftists in the 1970s. "We're here to tell him that we haven't forgotten what happened--and we won't forget," said protester Daniel Sossa. He said his aunt was arrested during the 1976-83 dictatorship and never heard from again.
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