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February 28, 2010 | By Tracy Wilkinson
The magnitude 8.8 earthquake that jolted Chile early Saturday packed roughly 500 times the wallop of the seismic disaster that struck Haiti last month. But the damage and deaths in Chile, still being tallied, will probably be much less devastating. The Haitian quake was shallow and centered just miles from an especially densely populated urban hub: Port-au-Prince, the capital. The Chilean quake was much deeper and centered offshore, and Chile's Pacific coast near the epicenter is sparsely populated in comparison.
January 4, 2010 | Joe Graedon, Teresa Graedon, The People's Pharmacy
I am 62 years old and just had my second bone-density test. I was told I have osteopenia and should take Boniva. I have been lactose-intolerant, so I avoid dairy products. I have tried calcium, but it makes me constipated. I took Actonel but developed leg cramps. I took one Boniva tablet the nurse gave me as a sample, but I now have unbearable indigestion. Is there anything natural I can take? Osteopenia is a controversial condition. The concept of pre-osteoporosis was created somewhat arbitrarily in 1992 for research purposes rather than to guide treatment.
October 6, 2009 | Jerry Hirsch
A regulation banning the establishment of new fast-food restaurants in South Los Angeles is unlikely to curb obesity rates, according to a study by researchers at Santa Monica think tank Rand Corp. Concerned about high levels of obesity, the lack of traditional grocery stores and a proliferation of fast-food eateries, the Los Angeles City Council approved a moratorium on new fast-food restaurants in one of the poorest sections of the city last year. It has extended the ban through March of next year.
April 15, 2009 | Jessica Garrison
A Los Angeles County Superior Court judge Tuesday tossed out portions of a city law approved last year that allows developers to build taller buildings in exchange for setting aside some units for affordable housing. Judge Thomas McKnew's ruling throws scores of proposed developments into doubt because it prohibits the Planning Department from processing any project applications in which density would be greater than what is authorized by state law.
April 10, 2009 | Tony Perry
A 73-year-old Bonita man was arrested Thursday and charged with posing as a doctor and selling phony, possibly dangerous, cancer cures. Kurt Walter Donsbach was arrested during his Internet radio show. One patient allegedly paid thousands of dollars for steroids supplied by Donsbach, leading to severe bone density loss. Donsbach is being held in San Diego County Jail on $1.5-million bail. "This defendant preyed on vulnerable patients," said Dist. Atty. Bonnie Dumanis. -- Tony Perry
July 2, 2008 | Martha Groves, Times Staff Writer
The owner of the Beverly Connection mall has agreed to withdraw plans for two high-rise residential towers as part of a settlement with two community groups that challenged the expansion in court, citing concerns about density in one of the city's most congested areas.
April 16, 2008 | David Zahniser
A second lawsuit has been filed over a recently passed city ordinance that allows new buildings to be larger and more dense if they have some affordable housing. Environment and Housing Coalition Los Angeles, a collection of civic groups and homeowner associations, argued that the City Council did not provide enough environmental analysis of the new planning law, which rewards developers for making as little as 5% of their residential projects affordable. One San Fernando Valley activist filed a separate lawsuit last week.
April 6, 2008
The main obstacle that hinders Los Angeles from claiming its place beside London, New York, Paris, Tokyo and Singapore as one of the world's greatest cities is its lack of a world-class transportation system ("The Gridlock Kid," by Christopher Hawthorne, March 2). It's time to declare that the experiment with the automobile has failed and channel new funds to increase density. Density, in turn, allows walking, bicycling and more effective use of buses. We need to expand the light-rail network to make it viable.
April 3, 2008 | From Times Wire Services
Amgen Inc. said its experimental drug for osteoporosis boosted bone density among postmenopausal women in a clinical trial. The treatment, denosumab, was more effective than a placebo at increasing bone density in a study of 332 women, the Thousand Oaks-based company said.
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