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Desiree Washington

June 26, 1992 | From Staff and Wire Reports
A Rhode Island court's ruling that boxer Mike Tyson's accuser should have told a jury she had hired an attorney to handle her civil case "will have a very significant impact" on the appeal of Tyson's rape conviction, his attorney said Thursday. "It is the smoking gun of perjury in Desiree Washington's testimony," said Alan M. Dershowitz, the Harvard University law school professor who represents Tyson.
June 18, 1994
After reading Sigmund Downey's psychoanalytic hanging of Mike Tyson (June 13), I suggest you move his column to the Life & Style section. No one defends Mike Tyson as a model citizen, but it doesn't take a Ph.D. to figure out his conviction was not an uncontested slam dunk. He deserves his day in court without Dr. Downey taking Freudian cheap shots from 2,000 miles away. MARC O'BRIEN Malibu Tyson was not tried and convicted of being a "raging bully," nor for what he may or may not have done to his former wife, Robin Givens, nor for anything he may or may not have said to heavyweight Razor Ruddock.
April 19, 1992
Re Robin Abcarian's column "Mike Tyson's Fans Just Don't Get the Message" (April 3): After reading this, I continue to feel women are being sent an incomplete and wrong message. Tyson has used force most of his life to get where and what he wants. Those around him have reinforced this behavior. He is in jail now and can't figure out who and when the rules were changed. Desiree Washington isn't a stupid woman. From the image that has been set forth of her, she has been reared with good judgment, but she showed none of it the night she was raped.
July 5, 1997
The appeal of Mike Tyson has always been his raw, animal nature, perhaps speaking to some primordial spirit in men. Yet now everyone seems so shocked by his behavior. Why? When faced with intense fear, animals bite. EUNICE HENRY Irvine The commotion surrounding the brutal attack on Evander Holyfield by Mike Tyson is somewhat confusing. Are we really so shocked that a convicted rapist would commit such a horrific act? What did we think Tyson looked like in that hotel room the night he raped Desiree Washington?
June 27, 1992
I am no fan of Mike Tyson's out-of-the-ring exploits, but I disagree with Desiree Washington's new lawsuit. She states she is trying to put the matter behind her by starting a new two-year suit. At least she should justify her greed by stating she will give 75% of her award to some rape charity organization. MATTHEW A. BERNSTEIN Los Angeles
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