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Desiree Washington

March 24, 1992 | From Associated Press
The state will ask that former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson be sentenced to six to 10 years in prison and pay the maximum $30,000 fine for his convictions on rape and related charges, a published report said. Jeffrey Modisett, Marion County prosecutor, told the Indianapolis Star that the prosecution also would ask Patricia J. Gifford, Marion Superior Court judge, to order the former heavyweight champion to pay prosecution and related costs up to $150,000.
March 10, 1992 | From Staff and Wire Reports
Two members of the jury that convicted Mike Tyson of rape said in an interview broadcast Monday night at Indianapolis that they believe the boxer lied during his trial. Juror No. 5, identified only as Steve, and juror No. 11, Michael Wettig, also told WISH-TV they are dismayed by criticism that Tyson didn't receive a fair trial. Tyson was convicted Feb.
January 25, 1994 | From Associated Press
Mike Tyson would admit raping Desiree Washington in exchange for his early release from prison under a proposed deal with Marion County prosecutors, WTHR-TV reported Monday night. It said a willingness of both sides to negotiate might be linked to the fact that the Indiana Court of Appeals has granted the former heavyweight champion a hearing to consider whether the prosecutor's office withheld important evidence.
March 26, 1995 | From Associated Press
Five of 12 jurors who convicted former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson have developed doubts about his guilt, the Dayton Daily News reported Saturday. Tyson, convicted in 1992 of raping teen-age beauty contestant Desiree Washington in an Indianapolis hotel room, was released from prison Saturday. He has maintained that it was a consensual act.
April 27, 1996 | Associated Press
Chicago police said Friday there is no evidence to support a 25-year-old beautician's claim that heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson fondled her and took other liberties in a nightclub. Police spokesman Paul Jenkins told a news conference that no charges would be filed against Tyson in the alleged April 7 incident at a nightclub on Chicago's South Side. "We did an exhaustive investigation here," Jenkins said.
January 30, 1994 | DENNIS HUNT
"I can't stand that 'Baby, I love you' crap they're always singing about." DRS' Chris (Pic) Jackson isn't a big fan of the R&B genre, which he dismisses as staid and wholesome. "I wanted to do something different," he says. His solution? Introduce gangsta rap themes to R&B music. So on DRS' first album, "Gangsta Lean," featuring the long-running Top 10 title ballad, the Sacramento-based vocal quintet sings about what gangsta rappers rap about.
April 3, 1992 | ROBIN ABCARIAN
It's over. The system worked and Mike Tyson is going to be in jail for a very long time. But the outrage lingers.
March 26, 1992 | EARL GUSTKEY
Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson, convicted here Feb. 10 on three rape-related felony counts, will be sentenced this morning by Judge Patricia J. Gifford. Tyson could be given a sentence of up to 60 years, but it is expected that his sentence will be close to the minimum of six years. Gifford can suspend all or part of his sentence, but Marion County prosecutor Jeffrey Modisett has said he will ask that Tyson be sent to prison for six to 10 years.
April 10, 1996 | From Associated Press
Heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson was accused by a 25-year-old Indiana woman of sexual battery in a nightclub on Chicago's South Side over the weekend. The allegation Tuesday comes about a year after Tyson was freed from prison on a rape conviction. Tyson, on probation, had not been charged as of Tuesday night. Chicago Police Detective Steve Glynn confirmed a police report was filed against Tyson and the matter is under investigation. The woman, a beautician from Gary, Ind.
April 25, 1992 | Associated Press
In a unanimous decision Friday, the five-member Indiana Supreme Court declined to review lower court decisions denying former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson bail while he appeals his rape conviction. The Supreme Court said that in unusual circumstances it could assume jurisdiction over bail disputes, but that there is no reason to do so in Tyson's case. The court ordered the case returned to the state Court of Appeals.
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