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When he travels abroad, President Bush rarely bothers to do any sightseeing. Yet when he rolls out the red carpet for a visiting head of state, Bush expects his guest to be a good tourist. So it was that on Thursday, he brought Polish President Aleksander Kwasniewski to this Detroit suburb for a taste of Middle America and a warm reception from Polish Americans. ''I believe you have to go beyond Washington to truly capture the energy and diversity of our country,'' Bush explained.
June 12, 2002 | From Associated Press
Alarmed by the slayings of 12 children so far this year, Detroit officials announced a plan Tuesday to raze thousands of abandoned homes and put more police on the streets. At least two of the children slain this year had been caught in the cross-fire of drug-related shootings, and drug dealers routinely operate out of some of Detroit's 10,000 or so abandoned homes. Police Chief Jerry Oliver said the department will also reorganize itself to put more officers on the street.
November 4, 2001 | LAURIE PIKE
Somehow it's fitting that underground music from the Motor City is finding champions in we-love-our-cars Los Angeles. While Detroiters Kid Rock and Eminem have grabbed headlines in recent years, the Motor City's alternative band scene is also burning rubber--aided and abetted, it seems, by L.A.'s indie recording fraternity.
January 10, 2001 | Associated Press
Northwest Airlines agreed Tuesday to pay $7.1 million to more than 7,000 passengers forced to wait for hours on grounded airplanes at Detroit's airport during a storm in 1999. The airline admitted no wrongdoing in settling the class-action lawsuit. More than a dozen Northwest planes were stranded on snow-covered taxiways and tarmacs as a storm pounded the Midwest on Jan. 3, 1999. Passengers waited up to 11 hours on board and in some cases were subjected to overflowing toilets and a lack of food.
Linda Boyce swapped a sick day from the assembly line for six hours of standing in a party line, one of hundreds of people dripping and squirming and dancing on the baked pavement, just dying for a duel to the debt with an invading army of one-armed bandits. Then the gates were unlocked, the doors to the fortress were flung open, and a black woman who may have built the transmission in your Ford Motor Co.
So many hours did they languish on the tarmac, sealed inside aircraft after aircraft, captives of snow and snafu, that on Eric Felgemacher's plane, his claustrophobic wife burst into tears. He half wondered if the engines would die, the heat would dissipate and a load of humanity would freeze. He picked up an air phone to alert the media, to get a court order maybe, only to encounter a dysfunctional phone system.
December 6, 1997 | From Times Staff and Wire Reports
With tributes from politicians, clergy and ordinary citizens who waited for hours in the cold, Detroit honored Coleman Young, the outspoken five-term mayor who died last week at age 79. "Mayor Young was simply one of the greatest mayors in American history," his successor, Dennis Archer, said during the funeral. Aretha Franklin performed two songs during the funeral, one a rendition of "The Impossible Dream" that included lyrics in tribute to Young.
July 5, 1997 | From Associated Press
After a storm knocked out their electricity and flooded their basement, three children and their grandmother died in a house that filled with carbon monoxide from a portable generator. The bodies of Maude Priester, 55, Darrell Hughes, 11, Tiera Hall, 6, and Jordan Burns, 6, were found by a relative Friday, increasing the death toll to 16 from storms that tore through southeastern Michigan on Wednesday.
February 13, 1997 | Times Staff and Wire Reports
MGM Grand Inc. and a group of Detroit community leaders said they've formed a partnership to seek a state license to own and operate a casino in Detroit. Details of the partnership and a timetable weren't disclosed. Las Vegas-based MGM Grand, which is controlled by Kirk Kerkorian, also said its credit line will be boosted to $1 billion from $600 million, in part to finance construction of a Detroit casino. It didn't say what institutions would provide the financing.
May 29, 1996 | From Bloomberg Business News
Detroit is the next airport to announce an expansion as continuing domestic growth in airline travel begins to push limits of the nation's infrastructure. Northwest Airlines Corp. and Wayne County said there will be $1.6 billion in upgrades to Detroit Metropolitan Airport. The expansion will include an $800-million passenger terminal, a 10,000-foot runway, and additional aircraft parking and maintenance facilities. The airport, located in suburban Romulus, is Northwest's largest regional hub.
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