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September 12, 2005
Re "The thin veneer of civilization," Opinion, Sept. 8 Timothy Garton Ash's strident piece is one of several recent apt reflections on what I call the fundamental lack of dialogue in our society today. How can one learn from disasters -- much less prevent future ones, natural or man-made? Our society has lost its capacity to look past the ever-present howls of single-issue litmus tests, and it is not looking at the fundamental shared challenges that face us as humans and Americans regardless of our social status, politics, values or faith.
October 23, 1994
In the article on Jack Kemp voicing his opposition to Proposition 187 (Oct. 20), Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Huntington Beach) was quoted as saying Kemp "should have kept his mouth shut." Who does Rohrabacher think he is? Mr. Kemp accurately points out the proposition won't work and that its only value is as a statement to the federal government to do something. While I agree with Kemp, Rohrabacher's comment is just plain stupid. Kemp should be lauded for his "guts" in speaking his mind, not toeing the party line (if indeed it is the party line)
April 26, 1992
I am a fan of Danielle Steel and have read all her books and watched when they were made into TV movies. "Secrets" (April 6, NBC) was difficult to follow because the music was played during the dialogue. The musical background did nothing to enhance the program and was a hindrance while viewing. Joseph S. Buxton, Los Angeles
November 15, 1987
We don't understand how your reviewer could have not liked "Buck James," a good show with above-average dialogue, interesting stories and a realistic look. It is good entertainment and we hope to have it around for the entire year. J. Lewis, Van Nuys
September 13, 1987 | RUSSELL CHANDLER, Times Religion Writer
When the future Pope John Paul II visited Los Angeles 11 years ago, he got to do a little leisurely sightseeing, going to Marineland, Griffith Park and Forest Lawn. But then, he was only a Polish cardinal. No time for any of that on Tuesday and Wednesday: The Southland schedule of the supreme head of the Roman Catholic Church has been laid out to the last minute as he segues from event to event in a whirlwind of meticulously planned appearances.
September 13, 1997
Robert Pinget, 78, a Swiss-born writer who became a leading figure in France's Nouveau Roman movement. A prolific author, Pinget published more than a score of novels, plays, essays and collections of short stories after his first book appeared in 1951. He was known for rich use of dialogue and exploration of gossip. In reviewing Pinget's 1983 book "That Voice," a Times reviewer noted: "The work is rich in images that, like snatches of overheard conversation, stick to the linings of memory."
January 1, 1995
Oh, please God, no ! Tell me it ain't so! Soundtrack albums are for listening to film scores, not extracts of dialogue (Pop Eye, Dec. 18). For that, you can readily rent or buy the video. I can just see it now, sumptuous tracks of John Barry or Jerry Goldsmith being mixed with annoying dialogue bites. C'mon, give us film music lovers a break. It's tough enough to find a soundtrack these days that isn't overloaded with tacked-on songs heard for all of two seconds in the film.
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