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September 27, 1988
Diane B. Kahler has joined The Diana Clark Co. as account writer.
April 27, 2012 | By Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times Film Critic
The plural in"Headhunters"is not accidental. Though it starts with one man and his conventional-seeming job as a corporate headhunter, before this twisty Norwegian thriller is over two individuals are involved in nonstop pursuit of each other for the highest possible stakes. Like life and death. Taken from the fiendishly plotted novel by Jo Nesbo, one of Scandinavia's top mystery writers, "Headhunters" is a dark adult entertainment, a wild and bloody adrenaline rush of a movie that deals in gleeful grotesqueness and over-the-top implausibilities.
September 18, 2005 | Cara Greenberg, Special to The Times
THERE'S nothing like a red double-decker bus zipping down the wrong side of the street to let you know you're in London. I've always loved London's cheery behemoths but only as a symbol. When it came to getting places, I used to be strictly an Underground gal.
October 7, 2003
The wonderful illustration by Nancy Nimoy for the chasing deer story is based on my favorite statue, Diana of Versailles, from the Louvre. It brings back fond memories of waiting while my 10-year-old sketched it. Lou Ann Granger Valencia
December 24, 2008 | BLOOMBERG NEWS
London's National Gallery and the National Galleries of Scotland, which are campaigning to buy a $73.7-million Titian painting for the U.K. national collections, said they would announce the outcome in January. "There has been very good progress in both fundraising and the negotiation of terms for this important acquisition," the museums said in a press release Tuesday. "Our efforts to bring the campaign to a successful conclusion continue, and we will not be making any further announcements until January."
February 25, 2011 | By Nick Owchar, Los Angeles Times
There's something inspiring for old-fashioned book lovers out there about an early scene in Deborah Harkness' novel "A Discovery of Witches" (Viking: 579 pp., $28.95). Magical creatures suddenly gather as a woman opens a legendary lost book. Never mind that most of these creatures ? vampires, daemons, witches ? are all plotting to get the book out of the hands of Diana, an American professor on a research trip in England. Menace aside, the scene is almost an hommage to the printed word: There's far more magic in an old book than in an iPad no matter how good the latter's backlighting is. "My fingers trembled when I loosened the small brass clasps?
March 20, 2004
I read without sympathy "Upscale Town Confronts Cracking Streets" (March 16), about South Pasadena's financial woes, especially the condition of its streets. If the residents and officials hadn't spent so much time and money in attempting to defeat the extension of the 710 Freeway, they might not have such terrible streets, traffic congestion, etc. There is no way to get anywhere south of their city without driving through town. Diana de Noyelles Pasadena
April 29, 2011 | By Carla Hall
I wish Diana, the Princess of Wales, were around to see the royal wedding of her son, Prince William, to Kate Middleton. Mostly because I just wish Diana were still around. Those of us who are of her generation already went through this ritual once — the early rising or late-staying-up to watch her wedding 30 years ago, the one that turned out to be a fairy tale without a happy ending. We saw the signs but, like Diana herself, tried to ignore them. We remember the way she smiled so expectantly and hopefully at Charles on the balcony of Buckingham Palace after the wedding.
December 23, 2009
Dear Amy: I'm a happily married woman. Last weekend I went shopping with a single girlfriend, "Diana," whose dating (mis)adventures have involved men who've turned out to be interested only in the proverbial "one thing." We were shopping and enjoyed some friendly banter with the shopkeeper. I learned Michael was a landscape designer on the side and I got his number for a project I have in mind. My friend Diana flirted mildly, and he flirted back. We said a cheerful goodbye to him and then went to a nearby restaurant/bar, where I (easily)
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