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December 10, 1989 | DENNIS BROWN
Despite the current glut of movie sequels, they're hardly new. In 1939, the same year MGM distributed "Gone With the Wind," the studio also released its third "Thin Man," its second and third "Dr. Kildares," and its seventh, eighth and ninth "Andy Hardys." Yet, for half a century, "GWTW"--the most successful movie of all time, based on the most popular American novel (more than 25 million copies sold since 1936)--has eluded sequelization. But that may change.
October 19, 1988 | TAMARA JONES, Times Staff Writer
The moon, just out, hung over the Ozarks like a pale opal. Soon families would be saying grace over Sunday dinner; children would be clamoring to turn on the Christmas lights. It was time to go home. But in the darkening woods, four teen-agers lingered, enjoying the rush they always felt when they killed something. A kitten lay crumpled nearby. Sharing some unspoken secret, the boys exchanged furtive glances in the fading light. They were growing edgy.
June 24, 2001 | From a Times Staff Writer
Diana Bellamy, a character actress popular in regional theater who also appeared on television and in such movies as "Air Force One" and "Outrageous Fortune," died of cancer June 17 at her home in Valley Village. She was 57. Bellamy had a starring role as head nurse Maggie Poole in "13 East," an NBC comedy in 1989-90. She also had roles on "Married . . . With Children," "Life Goes On" and "Popular."
August 28, 1998
World Wide Web sites devoted to Princess Diana run the gamut from those intended for grieving followers to conspiracy theorists. Here are a few: * Among the one-year anniversary tributes:, in which the venerable BBC looks at "Diana One Year On," with links to Diana's family home., in which you can leave your thoughts on "Why was Princess Diana special and what do you think it was that captivated the hearts of millions?"
November 18, 1986 | From Reuters
Britain's Prince Charles and Princess Diana arrived in Saudi Arabia on Monday on the last stop of a tour of four Persian Gulf Arab states.
December 6, 1987 | Associated Press
Princess Diana joined about 400 mourners at a memorial service Saturday for the 31 people killed in a fire in the King's Cross subway station last month.
October 3, 2007 | From Times Wire Reports
The inquest into Princess Diana's death in a Paris car crash 10 years ago opened with accusations that the British royal family ordered her death. Mohammed Fayed, whose son Dodi also died in the crash after a summer romance with Diana, said in a prepared witness statement that the couple were killed on the orders of Queen Elizabeth II's husband, Diana's former father-in-law.
August 30, 1998 | From Times Wire Reports
Hundreds of people laid bouquets at Kensington Palace, Princess Diana's former home, two days before the first anniversary of the princess' death. Newspapers added to the anticipation surrounding Monday's commemoration by publishing vast story and picture spreads about Diana and her family. Despite a poll indicating that only 6% of Britons plan to observe the anniversary, people came to Kensington Palace steadily, and bunches of flowers were once more balanced on the palace railings.
December 6, 1997
Collector Jay Stumpf, left, examines canceled stamps Friday at Stamp Expo '97/Pasadena, which included displays of stamps from around the world honoring Princess Diana. A detail of the display from St. Vincent and the Grenadines, above, shows Diana with Mother Teresa. Stumpf says he began collecting stamps when he was 8. The hobby, he said, allowed him to make pen pals all around the world.
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