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Dick Gregory

December 1, 1989 | MARILYN MILLOY, NEWSDAY
Under the glare of a radiant moon one recent night, about a dozen residents of this city's Cedar Grove area marched along the uncurbed asphalt streets of their neighborhood. And with posters in their hands declaring "Christ + You = Love Not Drugs," they bellowed spirituals with a fervor fit for a Sunday service. For more than 160 consecutive nights, this has been the scene on the mean streets of Cedar Grove.
It was Dick Gregory's "maggot juice," Riddick Bowe said Saturday morning, that carried him to boxing's world heavyweight championship Friday night. Maggot juice, the name Bowe gave a vegetable-diuretic concoction Gregory fed him daily, is an awful-tasting--even Gregory agrees with that description--brew that "cleaned out and overhauled" the new champion's digestive system. Never, perhaps, in boxing has nutrition been credited with carrying the day for a fighter in such an important fight.
February 17, 1989 | JEANNINE STEIN, Times Staff Writer
Their day begins at 6 a.m. and ends with lights-out at 9 p.m. They cannot drive cars or watch television in their rooms. Instead, they spend hours pacing the white beaches here, their world limited by the edge of the aquamarine water and the yellow lines on the paved parking lot outside their hotel. They are captives in paradise, this group of obese men and women who dwell in this small resort town.
December 25, 1991 | Associated Press
Walter Hudson, who made headlines by slimming down from 1,200 pounds to 520 and leaving his home for the first time in 18 years, died of a heart attack Tuesday. He was 46 and weighed 600 pounds. Hudson had suffered from the flu for three days, said Lottie Whitehead, a niece who lived with him. He hadn't left his suburban New York City home in more than a year, she said. His body remained there Tuesday night because it would not fit through the front door, Whitehead said.
January 20, 1987 | Associated Press
Former Colorado Sen. Gary Hart, who is expected to run for President in 1988, announced today that he will attend a second march Saturday to protest racism in all-white Forsyth County, where a march last weekend ended in racial violence. Ku Klux Klansmen say they will again attend. Others marching will be Southern Christian Leadership Conference President Joseph Lowery, Coretta Scott King, Jesse Jackson and Dick Gregory.
July 12, 1996
Activist and comedian Dick Gregory, satirist Paul Mooney and the Mooney Twins will perform at 8 p.m. tonight at Marla Gibb's Vision Theater, 3341 W. 43rd Place, Leimert Park. The benefit will raise funds to buy a hemp oil press used to produce hempseed oil for use by sickle cell disease patients. Advance tickets are $20 and $50. Information: (213) 293-7552.
October 10, 1993 | Jamie Reno
The loudest voices of "Generation X," it seems, are whining. But maybe they have a right, at least locally. The baby The baby boomers had: busters have: Sgt. Joe Friday Sgt.
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