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May 6, 1986
Longmore brings out that it is the emotional blows and distress caused by Elizabeth Bouvia's financial problems, her brother's death, loss of her marriage and child, and the discrimination in graduate school motivated her wish to die, not necessarily her disability. Anybody, disabled or not, suffering that many setbacks, might want to die. If Bouvia were an able-bodied person would the American Civil Liberties Union lawyers be as eager to help her in her wish to die? Would the 2nd District Court of Appeal be as quick to have the feeding tubes removed?
October 21, 1986 | From Reuters
At least 13 people have died in Colombia in floods caused by some of the heaviest rains in the past 10 years, authorities reported Monday.
September 8, 1991
Right in the middle of Patrick Goldstein's excellent piece on movie trailers comes an ad for "The Pope Must Die!" (Aug. 25). This is a comedy, mind you. I'm not Catholic, but I am offended. Have the filmmakers really no memory of what happened to Pope John Paul II? What next, "Kill the President"? R.A. LEE Los Angeles
May 18, 2003
Re "Trapped in Trailer, 18 Migrants Die," May 15: Sympathy for the victims is the first reaction to this tragedy. Yet those who made up the "human cargo" chose to do business with the unscrupulous coyotes who left them for dead. The sad truth is, if the illegal aliens had just stayed home, they'd all still be alive. Susan Campbell Los Angeles
February 19, 1989 | From Associated Press
Ten people were killed when a truck hauling eucalyptus branches plunged off a 330-foot cliff in the Andes, the government said. The state news agency Andina said the crash occurred near the north-central town of Otuzco, 340 miles from Lima.
February 10, 1985 | Associated Press
A rush by 20,000 Chinese soccer spectators to leave a stadium because of rain turned into a stampede in which seven people were trampled to death and more than 130 were injured, 34 seriously, the Workers Daily reported Saturday. The newspaper said the incident occurred Thursday in the southwestern city of Kunming.
October 25, 1997 | Associated Press
A firebomb thrown through a window set off a blaze in a row house where two women and three children, all related, were found dead Friday, police said. Two male relatives were injured, and a firefighter hurt his back fighting the flames. Police said no motive for the attack had been determined.
September 30, 1990
We, the nursing care specialists of 5P21 at County-USC, read "To Live and Die in L.A." (by David Ferrell, Aug. 12) with mixed emotions. The caseload for each RN is as high as 200 patients. We do not have one full-time MD. Instead, we must work with a dozen or more part-time medical doctors and three full-time physician assistants. We have quickly outgrown the space provided for us and now find ourselves in competition with other clinics for space. Critically ill patients are frequently found on stretchers in the hallways.
October 7, 1996
Re "Supreme Court to Decide Issue of Right to Die," Oct. 2: I'm sure the Supreme Court review of assisted suicide will generate many lofty legal and ethical theories. However, recently, I visited with a close friend languishing near death because of a thrombotic stroke. Because he could not speak, I asked him to respond to a few simple questions by squeezing my hand. This exercise persuaded me he had some awareness of his predicament. I asked his physician if he had received any medication for anxiety.
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