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June 16, 2011
  Recipe: Jocoque dip Total time: 10 minutes Servings: 8 to 10 Note: Jocoque is a dairy product similar to sour cream and is available at select Mexican markets; call ahead to ensure availability. Totopos (Mexican style tortilla chips) are crunchy and thick, and are generally available at Latin markets. Our recipes, your kitchen: If you try this or any other recipe from the L.A. Times Test Kitchen, we would like to know about it so we can showcase it on our food blog and occasionally in print.
March 4, 2014 | By Mary MacVean
We tasted three new gluten-free chips that make a pretty basket together, as well as versatile dippers: beet with goat cheese, chipotle with guacamole and lentil with a hot salsa. Two of them come from the L.A. company the Better Chip - in beet and chipotle flavors. The company makes its chips with no more than five ingredients. For the beet, that's corn, chopped beets, oil and sea salt. They have 140 calories per serving, which is about 10 chips. The chipotle chips contain corn, smoked jalapeno peppers, oil and salt.
July 22, 2012 | By David Wharton
LONDON -- The last few days before the 2010 Vancouver Olympics swirled past in a flurry for Mark Grimmette. The luger from Michigan had been chosen to carry the American flag at the opening ceremony and wondered about protocol. Instructions came at him from all sides. Line up here. Walk there. Maintain an even pace. And one more thing. "I had a lot of people tell me," he recalls, "you're not supposed to dip the flag. " Most Olympic teams briefly lower their colors as a sign of respect when they march past the box where the host nation's leaders are seated.
February 28, 2014 | By Hector Tobar
The subtitle of legal pundit Lisa Bloom's new book, "Suspicion Nation," is a bit misleading when it claims to be "the inside story" of the killing of Trayvon Martin and the trial that followed. There are few, if any, behind-the-scenes revelations in "Suspicion Nation. " Anyone who followed the 2013 trial of shooter George Zimmerman will be familiar with Bloom's account of the case. And in a divided United States, millions followed the story obsessively, joining competing pro-Trayvon and pro-Zimmerman Greek choruses on social media.
March 26, 2013 | By Alejandro Lazo
Sales of new homes dipped last month. The Commerce Department reported that newly built homes sold at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 411,000 in February. That was 4.6% below the previous month but up 12.3% over the year. New-home sales numbers can be volatile month to month. Overall, the market for new construction has improved this year and builders have increased prices. The median sales price for a new home was $246,800 last month, the government reported. Supply has remained tight as few new homes have been built in recent years.
June 23, 2012 | By Jeannine Stein
Women come to Jackie Warner all the time and ask, "How do I get toned arms?" Warner, the author of the book "10 Pounds in 10 Days" and a fitness expert, has an answer: the bench tricep dip. What it does The exercise focuses on the triceps muscles at the back of the upper arm. How to do it All you need is a park or backyard bench. Facing away from the bench, place your arms behind you, hands on the bench, fingers facing forward. Place your feet close together and slightly in front of your knees.
January 25, 2012
The number of Americans who signed contracts to buy homes fell in December after hitting the highest level in a year and a half. The National Association of Realtors says its index of sales agreements fell 3.5 percent last month to a reading of 96.6. That's down from November's reading of 100.1. But the reading is still the second highest since April 2010, the last month that buyers could qualify for a federal home-buying tax credit. A reading of 100 is considered healthy.
May 28, 2013 | By Jamie Wetherbe
Superstorm Sandy was a force behind Broadway's 6.2% dip in audience attendance -- its lowest level in several years, according to end-of-season statistics reported Tuesday by the Broadway League. Box-office grosses were virtually the same: Shows took in $1.14 billion during Broadway's 2012-13 season, a fraction less than the previous season. Attendance was 11.6 million, according to the data, down from last season's 12.33 million. “This is the first year in many that we have seen such a decline,” said Broadway League executive director Charlotte St. Martin, adding that shows closed for several days following Sandy's landfall.
July 21, 2012 | By Faye and Yakir Levy, Special to the Los Angeles Times
Ramadan is a holiday observed by fasting, but when it's time to eat, the meals can be feasts. No food or drink is allowed from dawn to dusk during the annual monthlong Muslim period of fasting, which began this year on the evening of July 19. Because of the way the Muslim lunar calendar is structured, Ramadan can take place in different seasons; this year it occurs in midsummer. So serving a variety of cool vegetable spreads is perfect. The two daily meals of Ramadan are iftar , the break-the-fast meal served after sunset, and suhoor , the early morning meal that, according to the Sunna, a Muslim sacred text, is important to eat just before dawn.
April 9, 2013 | By John Verive
The brewers at Downtown's Angel City Brewery have been hard at work building a catalog of recipes and fine-tuning their brewhouse and processes while the final touches are made to the building prior to the official grand opening. Not content to simply offer his take on classic styles like the brewery's flagship Eureka Wit and Angeleno IPA, head brewer Dieter Forstner has turned to Los Angeles' culinary history for the inspiration for his most experimental brew: the French Sip. Playing off of the long-standing rivalry between Cole's and Philippe's the Original - the two Downtown institutions that both claim to have invented the French dip sandwich -- Angel City's French Sip is an au jus-inspired brew.
February 25, 2014 | By Ricardo Lopez
Consumer confidence retreated in February as fewer Americans expressed optimism about near-term economic conditions, the Conference Board reported Tuesday. The consumer confidence index fell to 78.1, down from 79.4 in January. The drop was primarily in its expectations index -- which measures consumers' expectations of economic activity in the next six months.  The survey found that consumers had "concern over the short-term outlook for business conditions, jobs and earnings,” said Lynn Franco, director of economic indicators.
February 20, 2014 | By Chris O'Brien
Hewlett-Packard reported first-quarter earnings Thursday that beat analysts' expectations even as the company reported another decline in revenue.  HP said revenue for the first quarter ending in January was $28.2 billion, down from $28.4 billion, or about 1%. That topped the $27.2 billion Wall Street expected, according to Thomson Financial. Revenue at the company has been declining for a couple of years now. However, the 1% decline is less than the 4% decline Wall Street expected, and it's less than the 6% decline HP reported a year ago. "HP is in a stronger position today than we've been in quite some time," said Meg Whitman, HP's president and chief executive officer, in a statement released with the earnings.
February 19, 2014 | By Ryan Faughnder
A special Tuesday episode of "American Idol" was the only real competition for the Olympics, and the singing contest continued to feel some of the pressure.  Tuesday's "Idol," which kicked off the series' first-ever so-called Rush Week, averaged 9.65 million viewers overall, down 3% from last Thursday's episode, according to early numbers from Nielsen. Among advertiser-desired 18-to-49-year- olds , the show fell 7% to a rating of 2.7.  NBC's prime-time coverage of the Sochi Winter Olympics has achieved generally lower ratings than the Vancouver Games four years ago, but it is still easily beating its competitors.
February 17, 2014 | By Meg James
NBC's prime-time Sochi Olympics ratings have failed to achieve the same high levels as four years ago when the games were held in a compatible time zone in Vancouver, Canada. The nine- to 12-hour time difference between Sochi, Russia, and the U.S. have tamped down audience levels, in part, because most viewers know the outcome of key competitions long before NBC's prime-time broadcasts begin. On Sunday night, NBC attracted 21.3 million viewers for its prime-time program, which showcased the breakout performance of American ice dancers Charlie White and Meryl Davis.  Sunday's audience totals represented an 8% decline from the same night during the Vancouver Olympics, when many of the contests aired live.
February 11, 2014 | By Eric Pincus
Despite a season decimated by injury, the Lakers are still a big draw in the secondary ticket market. According to online marketplace StubHub, the Lakers are second to  the Miami Heat in ticket sales when playing on the road. The Oklahoma City Thunder, Chicago Bulls and the Clippers round out the top five in ticket sales as the away team on StubHub. As the home team, the Lakers are fifth in the NBA on StubHub, behind the New York Knicks, Brooklyn Nets, Heat and Golden State Warriors.
February 6, 2014 | By E. Scott Reckard
Weaker signals from the housing markets sent mortgage rates lower for the fifth week in a row, with Freddie Mac reporting that lenders were offering 30-year fixed home loans to solid borrowers at an average of 4.23%, down from 4.32% a week ago. The rate is the lowest for Freddie Mac's weekly survey since November, and down from 4.53% at the beginning of the year.   The average for 15-year fixed mortgages fell as well, from 3.4% to 3.33%, Freddie Mac said Thursday. The start rates for variable home loans also fell.
July 27, 2012 | Lisa Dillman
LONDON -- Tradition will trump tradition at the Olympics. There apparently was some consideration, albeit brief, that the United States would break with its long-held tradition and dip the flag at the opening ceremony, which was due to start at 9 p.m. London time (1 p.m. Pacific). Not this time. The tradition has been in place since the Games were held in Berlin in 1936. Most of the other countries taking part do follow the tradition of dipping their flag momentarily during the parade of nations in deference to the host country.
June 23, 1991
In his complaint about double dipping, Shigeo Yuge shows that he doesn't understand the tax impact of depreciation (June 9) referring to an "Apartment Life" column. If depreciation resulted in an equivalent tax credit, then his point would be valid. However, depreciation only gives a tax deduction. By the time a carpet has been fully depreciated, someone in a combined federal and state tax bracket of, say, 42% has only saved enough to pay for 42% of the replacement carpet. The other 58% will come out of the landlord's pocket.
February 4, 2014 | By Lisa Mascaro
WASHINGTON -- The federal deficit is likely to continue its slide -- to a lower-than-expected $514 billion for 2014, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office reported Tuesday. Down from last year's $680 billion, the current deficit projection would mark the lowest level since President Obama took office. However, the nation's sluggish economy still poses long-term budget challenges for Congress. Thanks to budget slashing and improved tax revenues, the years of record-high red ink, which ran at $1 trillion annually during the recession, appear to have receded for the foreseeable future.
February 3, 2014 | By Scott Collins
The people were willing, but the football game didn't allow for record TV ratings in Sunday's Super Bowl XLVIII.  Early numbers in the nation's top TV markets showed that the Seattle Seahawks' 43-8 romp over the Denver Broncos produced only the fifth-best-rated Super Bowl contest, according to Nielsen. The 47.6 metered-market rating was down from last year's all-time record of 48.1 on CBS. 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