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Dirty Harry

October 6, 1996 | Steven Smith, Steven Smith is an occasional contributor to Calendar
"Flower Belle! What a euphonious appellation! Easy on the ears and a banquet for the eyes!" --Mae West and W.C. Fields "My Little Chickadee" * This fall, when Romeo's Juliet asks "What's in a name?" once more on movie screens, audiences will be forgiven if they snicker. In most scripts these days, everything is in a name--as writers sum up their characters' personalities with a sense of predestination that would make John Calvin proud. Consider Warren Justice.
January 21, 1996 | Janice Arkatov, Janice Arkatov is a regular contributor to Calendar
As an actor, Andrew J. Robinson knows a lot about evil. He bore into it headfirst as the psycho-scumbag in the original "Dirty Harry," and later as killer Jack Abbott in the Mark Taper Forum production of "In the Belly of the Beast."
The opening credits of the new futuristic Sylvester Stallone clobber-movie "Judge Dredd" are crowded with the comic-book covers of the cartoon super-hero. That's a tip-off that we're about to see a comic-book movie. Then a windy, wordy preamble describing the apocalyptic Third Millennium world we are about to enter rolls down the screen. Just in case your comic-book appreciation skills are still in the preliterate stage, the words are intoned by James Earl Jones.
May 28, 1995 | Sean Mitchell, Sean Mitchell is an occasional contributor to Calendar. and
He liked the idea of a middle-aged love story that didn't have anybody dying of an incurable disease or involve a female stalker, Clint Eastwood says quietly, as he says almost everything. This, to explain how it is that he, of all people, came to make "The Bridges of Madison County" with, of all people, Meryl Streep in, of all states, Iowa. "Lili Zanuck called me up one day and said, 'Have you read this book?'
Officer Cliff Lloyd yanks the black-and-white patrol car to the curb at 48th and Hoover. Half a dozen people, some of them sipping beer, sit in a circle on folding chairs and plastic milk crates in the balmy, late afternoon shadow of the Caribbean Market. They turn their heads and seem anxious until they recognize Lloyd and his partner, Officer Roger Gaylord, climbing out of the car. Azalea Usher, wearing a T-shirt that says "I Survived the 6.6 Tremor," reaches out and hugs Lloyd.
February 6, 1994
The circumstances regarding (Jose Alonso) Garcia's life ("Rape Stole Victim's Will to Live, Prosecutors Say," Jan. 23) don't matter to me. What he did was wrong. He quite simply broke the law. I find it unfortunate that the victim, Mary Ward, died only a month after the assault. However, this event isn't directly related to the case. The defendant should be tried for his transgression and punished accordingly. My concern is will the punishment fit the crime? The answer is ultimately "no."
September 10, 1993 | JASON H. REID, TIMES STAFF WRITER
Dozens of eager young men move in machine-like precision as a voice bellows instructions from a bullhorn. It is early in Hell Week, that time in late August when football coaches and players greet the new season with unrestrained zeal and optimism. As the summer day wears on, Canyon High Coach Harry Welch's exuberance increases. Any football coach worth his salt enjoys this time of year, but one can sense Welch is reveling in the moment even more than usual.
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