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April 23, 1988
Political and industrial preparation for nuclear war is a radical notion. True conservatives are those who wish to preserve the ecosphere including human existence. On April 6, I gave a passionate speech to support (U.S. Senate Democratic candidate) Lt. Gov. Leo McCarthy, in which I used the metaphor of the consummate peacemaker to describe the dynamics of Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev's arms control process (Part I, April 8). In the last three years he has presented the U.S. Administration with proposals of the most significant meaning including: --A unilateral 18-month moratorium on nuclear testing.
March 29, 1986 | KATHLEEN HENDRIX, Times Staff Writer
The Great Peace March was on the road again Friday. About 340 marchers set out in high spirits from Barstow at 6:30 a.m., leaving behind their campsite next to an auto junkyard where they had been camped since March 16, and walking to Yermo, a small desert community, 17 miles away. The group, what is left of 1,400 people who set out from Los Angeles City Hall on March 1 on a walk to Washington for global nuclear disarmament, is still strapped by poor finances and sketchy supplies.
August 29, 1999 | JANET WISCOMBE, Janet Wiscombe is a frequent contributor to The Times who last wrote about professional beach volleyball for the magazine
Sally Ride doesn't look like a woman outrageous enough to sit on top of a stack of enormous flaming rockets. There's absolutely nothing about her refined appearance or manner to suggest she has the grit to travel into the great, dark, airless abyss strapped to the seat of a hurtling piece of machinery. She's small, reserved, a reluctant heroine uneasy with eminence, a self-possessed but distant star who navigates her rarefied universe with quiet control.
May 24, 1985 | Associated Press
The World Inter-Parliamentary Union, a 103-nation group, will hold a symposium on conventional weapons disarmament May 28-31 in Mexico City.
March 11, 2001 | From Times Wire Reports
Sinn Fein party leader Gerry Adams accused the British government of having a "fixation about IRA weapons, even though these weapons are silent," that could unravel much of Northern Ireland's 3-year-old peace accord. After negotiations Thursday, Britain indicated that it is willing to give ground on Sinn Fein's demands--particularly on further troop withdrawals and base closures--but only if the Irish Republican Army finally begins disarming.
January 26, 2002
The definition of "overkill" is the ability of one nation's nuclear weapons to eradicate another country's population many times over. Russia and the United States meet that definition in spades. There is no reason for both of them to move so slowly to reduce their stockpiles of redundant nuclear weapons. This month the Pentagon announced it will reduce the number of operational nuclear warheads from the current 6,000 to 3,800 over the next five years.
March 9, 2003
As U.N. inspectors play hide-and-seek with the weapons stockpiles Iraq says it doesn't have, consider this: Russia has about 30,000 nuclear weapons, 40,000 metric tons of declared chemical weapons and 40 research institutes dedicated to biological weapons development. Over the last decade, the United States has been working with Russia under a program established in 1991 by Sen. Richard G. Lugar (R-Ind.) and then-Sen. Sam Nunn (D-Ga.) to help dismantle this fearsome arsenal.
May 15, 2005 | From Times Wire Reports
Ivory Coast's rebel and army chiefs agreed that fighters would start laying down their weapons June 27, a boost for efforts to end a civil war that started in 2002. A statement signed by both sides after talks in the capital, Yamoussoukro, said disarmament and demobilization operations would run from June 27 to Aug. 10. Army chief Philippe Mangou told reporters after the agreement that he was "satisfied" and "hopeful for the future."
May 3, 1987 | From Reuters
Max L. Friedersdorf, U.S. consul general in Bermuda and a veteran of three Republican administrations, has been named U.S. representative to the Geneva conference on disarmament, the White House said Saturday. Friedersdorf, a 55-year old former newspaperman and former executive of Pepsico Inc., was named to replace Donald S. Lowitz. Friedersdorf served for two years as President Reagan's assistant for legislative affairs and legislative strategy coordinator.
September 14, 2013 | By Henry Chu
LONDON - Britain and France, previously strong advocates for armed reprisals against Damascus, welcomed the U.S.-Russian deal struck Saturday outlining a plan for the Syrian government to give up its chemical weapons stockpile by the middle of next year. Both London and Paris called the plan an important step forward in trying to resolve the bloody conflict between Syrian President Bashar Assad and the rebels who have fought for more than two years to topple his government. “The priority must now be full and prompt implementation of the agreement,” British Foreign Secretary William Hague said.
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