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February 5, 2003 | From Bloomberg News
Microsoft Corp. said it has taken disciplinary action against employees for buying Microsoft software at cost from the company and reselling it for a profit. A Microsoft spokeswoman declined to comment on the number of workers or the action taken. Microsoft employees can buy software at reduced prices for personal use from a company store and procure programs for business use through an internal system. The crackdown comes after a midlevel executive in the company's .
October 10, 2011 | Helene Elliott
The NHL gave Brendan Shanahan a hammer. And though the new czar of discipline is swinging it more forcefully than anyone expected, the league insists the hammer won't be replaced with a feather. Shanahan, head of the league's new player safety department, has aggressively carried out the NHL's overdue directive to punish players who hit opponents in the head. Predictably, he has faced a backlash, maybe because his decisiveness and clarity are startling after Colin Campbell's meek, muddled rulings.
July 15, 2012 | By Victoria Kim, Los Angeles Times
In the long-running saga of Lindsay Lohan's legal troubles, every single misstep - each dirty drug test, every missed court appearance, even a profane message etched on her fingernail - was publicized, scrutinized and dissected in tabloids the world over. But there were two allegations of misconduct that came and went quietly, out of public view. They weren't transgressions by the former teen star growing up in the limelight. They were by two veteran judges presiding over her case.
February 14, 2007 | From Times Staff Reports
The Los Angeles Board of Education on Tuesday postponed a vote on a new discipline policy at the request of the teachers union. United Teachers Los Angeles President A.J. Duffy told the board that he would like to "go back with my discipline committee and make sure all the Ts are crossed and I's are dotted." Duffy stressed, however, that he had no intention of changing the final document. The board is expected to consider the policy again in two weeks.
December 12, 2007 | From the Associated Press
NBA Commissioner David Stern won't punish Isiah Thomas or Madison Square Garden for their role in a sexual harassment trial that embarrassed the New York Knicks and the league. "Instead, we are going to continue to focus our attention on a league-wide program ensuring that all teams have appropriate policies, clearly communicated to their employees, focusing on respect in the workplace including the prohibition of sexual harassment," Stern said in a statement Tuesday.
The Medical Board of California is seeking disciplinary action against a Torrance cardiologist who pleaded no contest last year to charges that he assaulted a motorcyclist with his car and fled. Dr. Marc L. Platt, who is scheduled to appear before the board for a hearing next month, could face penalties ranging from probation to suspension of his medical license.
December 9, 2004 | From Times Wire Reports
The Royal Nepalese Army said it disciplined 105 soldiers and officers in the last year for abuses that included excessive use of force and murder. Punishments have been as light as a warning and as severe as seven years in an army prison, which is the maximum sentence, said army spokesman Col. Deepak Gurung.
March 6, 1993 | From Times Wire Services
Prudential Securities Inc., two of its former branch managers--including the one-time head of the firm's San Diego office--and two other former employees have been disciplined by the American Stock Exchange for rules violations, the exchange said Friday. Meanwhile, a source confirmed that Prudential is talking with federal regulators about settling possible charges arising from the sale of energy limited partnerships that soured.
California continues to rank among the worst states when it comes to disciplining physicians, according to a report released Wednesday by a Ralph Nader consumer group. The number of serious disciplinary actions against physicians last year in California was barely half the national average and less than one-seventh of the disciplinary actions taken by the Oklahoma medical board, which was the nation's most active.
January 16, 2008 | Dan Weikel, Times Staff Writer
Seven workers at the San Onofre nuclear power plant near San Clemente have been disciplined or fired in connection with a rash of safety and security problems uncovered by federal regulators last year, Southern California Edison officials said Tuesday. "Where the acts were deliberate misconduct, employees were discharged and contract workers were no longer permitted on the property," said Gil Alexander, an Edison spokesman.
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