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Dissidents China

December 14, 1998 | From Associated Press
Police have detained two more Chinese dissidents, and the student author of a petition demanding the release of a pro-democracy leader charged with subversion has disappeared, a human rights group said Sunday. The new detentions bring to as many as 15 the number of people picked up by police during a 2-week-old crackdown on the would-be China Democracy Party.
December 9, 1998 | From Times Wire Reports
Police detained two more Chinese democracy activists as part of a crackdown against a planned opposition party, a rights group reported. Officers raided the homes of Zhang Baoqin and Liu Xianbin, bringing to at least 10 the number of China Democracy Party members taken into custody. While most have been released, the three leading organizers of the budding opposition party are being held, accused of endangering national security.
In an attempt to extend political control into cyberspace, Chinese authorities put a young software entrepreneur on trial here Friday on charges that he tried to undermine the state through the Internet, the first trial of a "cyberdissident" in China. Lin Hai, 30, is accused of inciting subversion by providing 30,000 Chinese e-mail addresses to "hostile foreign organizations," a charge that could bring a maximum penalty of life in prison. Lin pleaded not guilty.
December 4, 1998 | From Times Wire Reports
Two dissidents arrested this week are suspected of endangering national security, China's government said in the clearest sign yet that it intends to block their campaign to form an opposition party. Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhu Bangzao refused to say how Xu Wenli and Qin Yongmin endangered the state or to specify what laws they broke. Wang Youcai, a third activist in the campaign to set up the China Democracy Party, has been in custody for a month.
December 3, 1998 | From Associated Press
A group of Chinese democracy activists denounced the arrest of three prominent Chinese dissidents, accusing the Beijing government in an open letter Wednesday of failing to comply with U.N. human rights treaties it has signed over the past year. The letter, signed by 190 democracy activists, called for the release of Xu Wenli, Qin Yongmin and Wang Youcai--all outspoken organizers in a campaign to establish an opposition party that would challenge the Communist Party's monopoly on power.
In a wide-reaching crackdown on one of China's first opposition parties, police in three cities have detained 10 of its leaders, and the tearful wife of one of the activists accused the government Tuesday of "cheating its people and cheating the world."
September 23, 1998 | From Times Wire Reports
Chinese authorities have detained two dissidents and placed a third under surveillance in a widening police sweep against members of a would-be opposition party, rights groups reported. Two of the dissidents--Xie Wanjun and Liu Lianjun--reported receiving encouraging signals from the government earlier this month about setting up the China Democracy Party. But last week, police began detaining people connected to the party.
September 19, 1998 | From Associated Press
Chinese police interrogated three dissidents in separate, three-hour sessions and warned them not to try to set up an opposition political party, one of those interrogated said today. Ren Wanding, one of the dissident community's most prominent figures, said his Thursday night detention and questioning persuaded him to give up plans to register the China Democracy Party's Beijing branch. Police "told me, 'Now we're still under the Communist Party's leadership.
August 19, 1998 | Bloomberg News
Adidas-Salomon was accused in a $1.2-billion lawsuit filed by Chinese political dissidents of using slave labor in China to make World Cup '98 soccer balls. The lawsuit on behalf of current and former prisoners of Chinese work camps comes as the German company is trying to determine who was responsible for what it called possible unauthorized soccer ball production by political prisoners in China.
July 26, 1998 | From Times Wire Reports
Police have detained four more dissidents, bringing to 21 the number arrested in the last two weeks, a monitoring group said. Five police officers went to Jin Jiwu's house in southern Hunan province Friday night, arresting him and three other dissidents meeting there, the Information Center of Human Rights and Democratic Movement in China said.
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