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She would leave her one-bedroom Bronx flat in the early afternoon on most days, en route to her late-shift job as a stockroom employee at a Manhattan hospital. In the dingy lobby of her six-story apartment building, Kathy Nguyen would often run into the mailman--saying a quick hello as he put letters in the double row of brass-colored metal boxes. Then it was out the door and into the courtyard where children played, a few dozen steps farther and through the locked gate.
December 5, 1997 | From Times Wire Reports
Indian President Kocheril Raman Narayanan dissolved Parliament, opening the way for early elections after the country's fractious parties were unable to cobble together a government to replace the one that fell last week. The move means elections must be held for the 545-seat Lok Sabha--the only chamber of Parliament directly elected by voters--three years ahead of schedule. The vote is likely to be held in late February or early March, news agencies said.
May 11, 1990 | SHANNON SANDS
For more than a decade, the North Tustin Municipal Advisory Council has fought commercial developments and piecemeal annexations to maintain the rural, open atmosphere of the prestigious unincorporated area that includes Cowan Heights and Lemon Heights. Although the council is a strictly advisory body to the County Board of Supervisors, its members say they have been instrumental in controlling building in the area.
November 10, 2000 | From Times Wire Reports
Thai Prime Minister Chuan Leekpai dissolved parliament and scheduled general elections for Jan. 6, preparing for an uphill battle against a billionaire opponent and an electorate unhappy with his economic policies. Chuan's Democrat Party is facing serious criticism over his finance minister's policies. Opponents say the minister botched a program to resolve problems stemming from the 1997 economic crisis that devastated Thailand's financial structure.
November 29, 1992 | DAVE DISTEL
Traffic was backed up leaving San Diego Jack Murphy Stadium Saturday night. This was to be expected, to be sure, what with a crowd of 52,108 gathered to watch San Diego State play top-ranked Miami. Except this was at 6:30. This was at halftime . Miami, en route to a 63-17 victory, was already up 28-3. These were obviously shrewd people who realized they could still make something of their Saturday night, something the Aztecs were not doing.
November 19, 1987 | From Reuters
President Hassan Gouled Aptidon dissolved his government on Tuesday, a presidential statement said on Wednesday. Djibouti's current ministers will continue to run the Horn of Africa country until a new government is formed, the statement said. The statement gave no reason for the dissolution and did not indicate whether Gouled had asked former Prime Minister Barkat Gourad Hamadou to reorganize the government, which had ruled since October, 1986.
July 5, 1990 | From Times wire services
Authorities in Serbia, Yugoslavia's largest republic, today dissolved the local legislature and government in its troubled southern province of Kosovo, the state news agency Tanjug reported. The move by the republic of Serbia is likely to cause more unrest by the ethnic Albanian majority in Kosovo, the nation's least-developed region.
May 1, 2006 | AL MARTINEZ
IT comes as no surprise that death threats and hate mail have accompanied the current debate over immigration. It's the good-old American way. Both L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante have been recipients of the "I'm-gonna-getcha" threats and the "dirty-Mexican" mail after supporting the rights of immigrants to be treated as human beings. This was revealed by none other than Gov.
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