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Robert Cummings, the perennially youthful bachelor photographer of the 1950s television series "The Bob Cummings Show," died Sunday at the Motion Picture and Television Hospital in Woodland Hills. Cummings, 80, died of kidney failure and complications of pneumonia, hospital spokeswoman Louella Benson said. The actor, who also was in advanced stages of Parkinson's Disease, was admitted to the hospital Nov. 18.
April 24, 2014 | By Robert Lloyd, Los Angeles Times Television Critic
Based on the 2011 Cameron Diaz film of the same name, "Bad Teacher" is something of a novelty on CBS, a single-camera comedy in a sea of old-fashioned multicamera, feel-the-hilarity sitcoms like "The Big Bang Theory," "Two Broke Girls" and "Mike & Molly. " ("The Crazy Ones," whose time slot "Bad Teacher" will occupy, cracked that mold this season but did not break it.) Nevertheless, and for all the studied outrageousness of its model, it tells a now-familiar, deceptively sweet tale of the unruly force that brings its own kind of order and relief.
June 3, 1990 | Amy Wallace, Amy Wallace is a reporter for the San Diego edition of The Times.
EVERYBODY IN LA JOLLA knew the Brodericks. Daniel T. Broderick III and his wife, Betty, seemed to have a classic society-page marriage. Dan was a celebrity in local legal circles. Armed with degrees from both Harvard Law School and Cornell School of Medicine, the prominent malpractice attorney was aggressive, persuasive and cunning--a $1-million-a-year lawyer at the top of his game.
April 18, 2014 | By Darcey Steinke
When his mother begins getting serious about her new boyfriend, 15-year-old Miles Adler-Hart does what any good citizen of L.A. would do: He hires a private detective. "Casebook," the sixth novel by Mona Simpson, focuses on divorce and its aftermath through the eyes of Miles, who himself is a budding expert in espionage. The book opens with him at 9 lying in wait under his parents' bed gazing up at the box springs' "gray dust towers, in globular, fantastic formations. " He hopes to find out if he'll be allowed to watch the TV show "Survivor," but he learns much more than he bargained for. His father admits his attraction to other women, and his mother reveals that she is deeply unhappy.
November 17, 2002 | Susan Spano, Times Staff Writer
PEOPLE sometimes take trips for deep reasons. They're turning 50 and feel compelled to see Florence; they've just recovered from an illness and want to trek in the Himalayas; they're divorcing and need to escape the anguish. Psychologically motivated trips like these are, in a sense, gambles with life. The transition or crisis makes people more willing to free themselves from routine, feel in a heightened way or make life changes based on events on the road. They are my favorite kinds of trips.
After Elizabeth Taylor and Welsh actor Richard Burton divorced in 1973, she offered a lofty explanation for the breakup: "We have loved each other too much." After she filed for divorce Monday from her seventh husband, construction worker Larry Fortensky, her explanation was prosaic: "irreconcilable differences." "The whole thing will be worked out amicably between Elizabeth and Larry," said Taylor's attorney, Neil Papiano.
December 18, 2012 | By Christie D'Zurilla
Zooey Deschanel's divorce is final: She and Death Cab for Cutie front man Ben Gibbard got the official finito from a judge on Wednesday.  The couple, who separated on Halloween 2011 and filed for divorce Dec. 27 of last year, got married in September 2009. The separation was "mutual and amicable," it was reported at the time. Both parties waived their rights to spousal support, according to TMZ , which first reported the news. There are no kids from the marriage. Now, how long until the "New Girl" finds a new guy?
January 15, 2013 | By Houston Mitchell
NASCAR driver Danica Patrick has filed for divorce from her husband of seven years, Paul Hospenthal. Patrick filed for divorce on Jan. 3 in the Superior Court of Arizona in Maricopa County. She listed an "irretrievably broken" marriage as the cause for her filing. "My marriage is irretrievably broken and there is no reasonable prospect of reconciliation," she said in the filing. According to court documents, Patrick and Hospenthal had a prenuptial agreement and there will be no alimony paid.
April 4, 2013 | By Nardine Saad
Lena Headey, who plays the scheming Queen Regent Cersei Lannister on HBO's "Game of Thrones," is reportedly claiming she is broke, with "less than $5" in her bank account. Headey's financial situation came to light as a result of husband Peter Loughran's making an emergency court filing in their divorce proceedings, according to TMZ. In July 2012, Headey, 39, filed for divorce from Loughran, an Irish musician, after five years of marriage, citing "irreconcilable differences.
April 4, 2013
Re "A 'gray divorce' boom," Opinion, March 31 Susan L. Brown picks up on the current spate of columns about the meaning of marriage in our Western societies. She writes, "Men and women who are 65 can expect to live 20 more years, a long time to spend with someone you may not like so much anymore. " It strikes me as most symptomatic of the brainless, emotionless, semi-stuporous society of babes bred in bottles in Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World. " To those of this temperament, baby boomer marriages are lived through with someone you like or once liked, but "not so much anymore," as though we choose to "like" or "not like" our mates by pressing a link on a computer screen.
April 6, 2014
Re "Sex ed stumbles in Mississippi," April 3 Communities in Mississippi are using the Bible to reject any sex education other than abstinence. Interestingly, Mississippi's divorce rates are among the highest in the country, and by region the South has the highest rate. Jesus didn't hand out many laws. He taught by parable and the example of his actions. However, Jesus spoke clearly about divorce: In the Gospel of Mark, he said: "Anyone who divorces his wife and marries another woman commits adultery against her. And if she divorces her husband and marries another man, she commits adultery.
April 2, 2014 | By Chad Terhune
Even with 1.2 million people enrolled by Monday's deadline, California's health exchange isn't done adding to the Obamacare rolls - and it won't be for quite some time. In the months to come, it's estimated that several hundred thousand more Californians could qualify for a special enrollment period as college students graduate, families move and workers change jobs. But health insurers say the state's current rules for late sign-ups rely too much on the honor system and invite abuse by people waiting until they get sick.
March 26, 2014 | By Paul Whitefield
So Gwyneth Paltrow and her hubby have chosen to do a little “conscious uncoupling,” and now everyone is bangin' on her like she's Miley Cyrus. What, don't you guys remember that it didn't work out for her in “Shakespeare in Love” either? On Tuesday, the actress and her rocker husband Chris Martin announced they were calling it quits , marriage-wise, after 10 years and two kids. Being celebrities, they couldn't just tell the bartender, or a couple of friends, or put it on Facebook or Instagram like the rest of us. No, they posted a missive on Paltrow's website, Goop.
March 16, 2014 | By Ronald D. White
Adina Jones has spent years immersed in logistics such as financial tracking, transportation organization, nutritional direction and healthcare supervision. In other words, Jones is a mom. And until shortly before her 14-year marriage ended last year, Jones was a full-time caregiver for her three daughters. "I wanted to give them the best start I could," Jones, 40, said of her career hiatus, which began in 2006. "I wanted to be there for them in all ways. " Now, Jones is trying to reenter the traditional workforce and finding it tough.
March 5, 2014 | By Greg Braxton
George Lopez has been gearing up for the launch later this week of his new FX comedy "Saint George," which is about a successful entrepreneur grappling with a messy personal and family life. The series stands out as a personal touchstone for the 52-year-old comedian, whose résumé includes a groundbreaking network sitcom, a hip late-night cable talk show and sold-out arena performances. But a not-so-funny thing happened on the way to Thursday's premiere. Lopez was arrested on suspicion of public intoxication late last week after a performance at Caesars Windsor Hotel and Casino in Windsor, Ontario.
February 21, 2014 | By Nardine Saad
Lamar Odom had some sweet words for his lady love Khloe Kardashian despite their split in December. And that whole divorce thing? Call him an eternal optimist, because he doesn't seem to think it's going to happen. Odom, 34, who has been embroiled in rumors of infidelity and drug use, signed with Spanish basketball team Laboral Kutxa this week and addressed his love life with the "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" starlet following a team press conference on Friday.  "I love my wife.
November 17, 2011 | By Amina Khan, Los Angeles Times / For the Booster Shots blog
It's officially over. Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher are splitsville. Moore, 49, and Kutcher, 33, had been married six years. Moore released a statement in which she said , "As a woman, a mother and a wife there are certain values and vows that I hold sacred, and it is in this spirit that I have chosen to move forward with my life. " Divorce is a heavy subject to contemplate, and it comes with health consequences as well. According to a 2006 study published in the Journal of Marriage and Family, middle-aged women who are divorced are 60% more likely to develop cardiovascular disease than their married counterparts.
November 20, 2012 | By Chuck Schilken
Danica Patrick is divorcing her husband of seven years, the NASCAR driver announced Tuesday morning on Facebook. Patrick, 30, met physical therapist Paul Hospenthal, 47, while he was treating her for a nonracing injury. They have been married since 2005. "I am sad to inform my fans that after 7 years, Paul and I have decided to amicably end our marriage," she wrote. "This isn't easy for either of us, but mutually it has come to this. He has been an important person and friend in my life and that's how we will remain moving forward.
February 9, 2014 | By Emily Alpert Reyes
Hundreds of millions of dollars in government spending to promote healthy marriages seems to have had little effect on marriage and divorce trends, a new study has found. The federal government will have spent roughly $800 million on its Healthy Marriage Initiative by the end of the federal fiscal year, according to the federal Administration for Children and Families. The money, drawn from the welfare budget, has funded a range of programs to help couples have better relationships. But the initiative does not seem to have changed state marriage or divorce rates.
February 8, 2014 | By Mikael Wood
Toni Braxton and Kenny Edmonds have history together as soul-music hit makers, which in the record industry is usually reason enough to rejoin forces. In the 1990s he wrote and produced large chunks of her first two albums, both blockbusters with combined sales of more than 16 million copies; the discs spawned five top 10 singles, including "You're Makin' Me High" and "Breathe Again," and earned three Grammy Awards for female R&B vocal performance. So although their careers later diverged - Braxton took up with other collaborators and began acting, while Edmonds (known as Babyface)
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