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Dixie Carter

September 19, 1999 | Susan King Times, Staff Writer
"There is a prevailing attitude in a lot of television that if you are over 24, your face shouldn't be on the airwaves," confesses Chris Thompson, creator and executive producer of two new comedies: CBS' "Ladies Man" and Fox's "Action." But Thompson is ignoring the "prevailing" attitude. "I've got the two oldest stars in Hollywood," he says referring to the fact he cast veteran sitcom star Betty White in CBS's "Ladies Man" and the legendary comic Buddy Hackett in Fox's "Action."
July 28, 2003 | Libby Slate, Special to The Times
The programmers at cable's Lifetime channel had their expectations in check when they decided to gather the key players of "Designing Women" for a reunion special. It was a landmark show of the late 1980s and early '90s, after all, but it had long since become largely a distant memory from a time when smart sitcoms ruled TV. And then "The Golden Girls" held their own reunion.
Long Beach Civic Light Opera, a 47-year-old institution that grew from modest community roots into the most prominent musical theater company in Southern California, is going out of business. With the decline of Los Angeles Civic Light Opera as a producing organization in the '80s and '90s, the Long Beach company had generated the area's most high-profile revivals of musical classics and had also ventured occasionally into new or unfamiliar musicals and non-musical plays.
July 31, 2006 | Josh Getlin, Times Staff Writer
The New York Observer, a feisty and influential but financially troubled weekly paper, has been sold to the son of a politically disgraced New Jersey developer, and Editor Peter Kaplan said Sunday that the new owner represented "the next generation of newspaper publishers." Jared Kushner, 25, a second-year law student at New York University, bought the paper from longtime Observer owner and founder Arthur Carter.
May 8, 1992 | GAILE ROBINSON
Almost daily, a fresh assortment of T-shirts commemorating the L.A. riots turns up. Among the first was Fresh Jive's version--"No Justice No Peace"--in stores last Friday in Philadelphia, New York and L.A. It sold out the same day. Others are now selling on L.A. streets for about $5 to $15. The slogans range from righteous to ridiculous: "Visit L.A. It's a Riot," "My Mom Looted Fedco and All I Got Was This Lousy T-shirt," "I Survived the L.A. Riots" and "Increase the Peace."
August 9, 1991
In their newest ad campaign, the folks at Gitano are targeting the last group you'd expect to see in a sexy jeans commercial--mature women. Actresses Betty White (age 66) Dixie Carter (51) and Marilu Henner (38) have their own TV spots for the jeans, debuting this week. Henner's and Carter's svelte, denim-clad physiques are closely studied by the camera lens. White is camouflaged by an overstuffed pillow, but company VPs say that's coincidence, not modesty.
In theater, it's timing, not time, that is of the essence. Although expositionally unwieldy at points, Mark Kemble's "Names" at the Matrix is a miracle of timing, from the exceptional performances to its freighted political message, a clarion warning against the dangers of demagoguery. The play propounds a fictionalized meeting at the Algonquin Hotel in 1952 between former members of the famed Group Theatre.
January 16, 2004 | Robert Lloyd, Times Staff Writer
"Between the Lines" is a frustratingly uneven documentary miniseries from A&E that uses various sorts of written communication as a hook to present a collection of mostly unrelated segments that on the whole replicate the ruling aesthetic of A&E -- a network that dresses itself like a cousin to PBS, but which is largely taken up with old cop shows and various packages of true-crime sensationalism and human-interest goo.
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