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Domestic Partnership

March 28, 2014 | By Henry Chu
LONDON -- Marriage-minded gays and lesbians can begin tying the knot in Britain on Saturday, becoming the latest same-sex couples in Europe and beyond to have the right to do so and fulfilling a dream made possible by a Conservative-led government. A handful of town halls across the country prepared to open at the stroke of midnight to allow nuptials that jubilant supporters called long overdue and opponents deplored as an attack on traditional values. “It's a landmark,” said Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, who arranged for rainbow flags to fly over two government offices in London on Friday in celebration.
June 2, 2007 | From Times Staff and Wire Reports
California has started allowing overnight visits for gay and lesbian partners of prison inmates to conform with the state's domestic partnership law. California is one of just six states that allow overnight family visits, which take place in trailers or other housing on prison grounds. But attorneys, gay rights advocates and corrections officials said they know of no other state that permits conjugal visits by same-sex partners.
October 9, 2007 | From the Associated Press
Opponents of Oregon's new same-sex domestic partnership law failed to turn in enough valid signatures to block the measure and put it on a state ballot, clearing the way for it to take effect next year, state elections officials said Monday. Oregon will join eight other states -- California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Vermont and Washington -- that have approved partnership rights in some form for same-sex couples. Massachusetts allows same-sex couples to marry.
March 11, 2004 | From Associated Press
Bowing to pressure from the state attorney general, the city on Wednesday stopped accepting marriage license applications from gay couples but decided to seek a court ruling in support of same-sex vows. The City Council acted after Atty. Gen. Peter C. Harvey threatened criminal prosecution if city officials did not stop granting the licenses. "This is a civil rights issue," Councilwoman Kate Mellina said, noting that the community has a large gay population.
June 22, 1996
West Hollywood will be crammed with party-goers and parade-lovers this weekend at the annual Gay and Lesbian Pride Celebration. The celebration includes a festival featuring more than 300 vendors and entertainment and the popular parade. There will be more than 300 groups marching in the parade and about 400,000 spectators are expected to line the route. The parade will begin at 11 a.m. Sunday, winding its way along Santa Monica Boulevard from North Crescent Heights to Robertson Boulevard.
December 29, 2007 | From the Associated Press
A federal judge on Friday placed on hold a state domestic partnership law that was set to take effect Tuesday, pending a February hearing. The law would give some spousal rights to same-sex couples. Opponents asked U.S. District Judge Michael W. Mosman to intercede after the Oregon secretary of state's office ruled in October that not enough val- id signatures had been collec- ted on a referendum to block the law.
February 23, 1985 | From a Times Staff Writer
A domestic partnership law passed by the West Hollywood City Council will allow homosexual and heterosexual couples to register their relationships with the new city. But while the new ordinance gives domestic partners hospital and prison visitation rights and eventually will enable the council to provide medical insurance and other benefits to the partners of city employees, the law is not expected to have much legal effect.
August 17, 2001 | From Associated Press
Acting Gov. Jane Swift, who was criticized by her gay stepson for opposing gay marriage, says that she is extending some domestic partnership benefits to gay and lesbian state workers. She also denied Thursday that her action came in response to the criticism by her stepson, Brian Hunt, that was published Wednesday in the Boston Globe.
December 26, 1999
Re "Vermont Court Backs Equal Rights for Gay Couples," Dec. 21: Observing the marriages of our parents and siblings taught us a quick path to happiness: Find your soul mate, treat him or her like gold and make a life together. As a gay couple in a committed monogamous relationship, we are each other's soul mates. Each day, we strive to treat one another with the same dignity and respect with which our parents and siblings treat their spouses. Our lives together are as fulfilling as we had hoped, and we would get married in a minute.
April 25, 2004 | Drew Limsky, Drew Limsky is a New York City journalist who teaches English at Hunter College and Pace University.
In 1996, at a birthday dinner for a friend, talk turned to President Clinton's reelection campaign -- a fraught topic, since seated opposite me were a quite conservative couple who worked in the financial industry. He was a pedigreed WASP; she was a Korean American accountant who had been adopted by a white Midwestern family. "You like Clinton?" the woman asked incredulously. "What about him do you like?" I explained that, for starters, the president supported my rights as a gay man.
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