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Don Bankhead

July 8, 1991 | ERIK HAMILTON
In a split vote, the City Council rejected a proposed resolution that would have established a Bicycle Users Committee. The committee would have reviewed policies and plans on bicycle routes and safety measures in the city. "I just feel the city does not need a special committee to handle this," said Councilman A.B. (Buck) Catlin. "We already have things in place to handle bicycle paths."
February 16, 1995 | MIMI KO
Members of city commissions may soon be able to keep their jobs when running for a seat on the City Council. Council members have preliminarily approved changing a city code that has, for the past 27 years, required any commissioner to step down upon filing nomination papers to run for City Council. The ordinance, Councilman Chris Norby said, "really punishes people who want to serve the community."
March 24, 2002
Re "School Bonds Need Matching Funds," March 7: After a challenging election in which voters were asked to approve three bond measures in the Fullerton, I would like to thank Fullerton for its outstanding support. Fullerton voters supported bonds with their votes, their money, volunteer hours and endorsements. This city is proud of its schools. Each school site will have renewed vitality because of that pride. Mayor Don Bankhead endorsed the bond issue and actively encouraged others to support it. Assemblywoman Lynn Daucher and state Sen. Richard Ackerman recognized the documented needs of the Fullerton schools and gave their encouragement and endorsements.
February 20, 1998 | MIMI KO CRUZ
A $20-million bond proposal for city projects received a key approval this week from the city's Redevelopment Agency. The City Council, acting as the agency board, voted 4 to 1 to proceed with the bond plan. Final approval will be considered during upcoming public hearings. Financial consultants continue to study how the bonds would be issued and how much interest the agency would pay.
October 17, 1998 | CHRISTINE CASTRO
The California League of Cities recently presented the city with a top award for its redevelopment of downtown. The city received the Helen Putnam Award in economic and community development for its downtown revitalization program, Fullerton 2000 and Beyond. In the last year alone, 25 businesses, including 10 restaurants, opened downtown. Many projects, including library and Police Department expansions, are on the way. Mayor Don Bankhead said he was pleased with the recognition.
A new ordinance will require annual inspections of rental properties in three blighted areas of the city and will allow fees to be levied for violations of building and housing laws. Councilman Don Bankhead, who supported the ordinance, said people who live in blighted areas "asked us to help. This is why we're implementing this." Mayor Chris Norby had questioned whether the new law is constitutional. City Atty. Richard D. Jones responded that it is.
October 24, 1997 | MIMI KO CRUZ
An ordinance that bans public display of sexually explicit materials will become effective in a month. The ordinance, approved by the City Council this week, prohibits the display of "harmful matter" in news racks in any public right of way or place where minors are allowed. It replaces a city law that allows such displays provided that blinders are placed on the racks. City officials said their action was prompted by a recent U.S. Supreme Court decision allowing the banning of such material.
December 20, 1991 | TED JOHNSON
Mayor Don Bankhead said he will challenge Yorba Linda Councilman Henry W. Wedaa for the Orange County cities' spot on the South Coast Air Quality Management District. Wedaa came under fire at a Fullerton City Council meeting Tuesday for his votes on the district's board. Several council members said they were upset with his voting record, contending that it was not in the best interests of cities and business in Orange County. Even so, Bankhead and Councilman Richard C.
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