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Don Campbell

September 4, 1993
The good news for L.A. football fans is that the Raiders finally found somebody they could beat. The bad news is, it's the Rams. GARY A. ROBB, Los Angeles L.A. Raider logo suggestion: How about adding one more eye patch as a depiction of the organization's "vision" lately. LARRY SIMPKINS, Baldwin Park Same old Rams. Same old coach. Same old team. Same old quarterbacks. Same old backs. Same fumbles. Same bunch of losers. DON CAMPBELL, Seal Beach
April 10, 1986 | DON G. CAMPBELL, Times Staff Writer
Question: Is bottled water really safer than tap water? How can one make an intelligent choice between Sparkletts, Arrowhead and the others? As for their "deep wells" claims--what about ground-water contamination? How effective is the monitoring of bottled water, and who does it?--B.S. Answer: Everyone in the bottled-water industry delicately tiptoes around the "safety" aspect of what it replaces--tap water.
September 10, 1993
The State Lands Commission voted 3 to 0 Thursday to sell a 640-acre patch of desert in Imperial County, called Slab City, to Escondido building contractor Don Campbell. Campbell's bid of $164,000 was the only offer made on the property and was accepted by the commission at its meeting in Sacramento. Each winter, the abandoned World War II military base is home to thousands of recreational vehicle driving tourists, drawn by warm weather and the chance to stay for free.
May 12, 1985
I enjoyed Don Campbell's review of John D. MacDonald's latest book (Book Review, April 28), but it left me a trifle confused. I thought I had read an article in the Los Angeles Times about three years ago that stated that John D. MacDonald was suffering from Alzheimer's disease and had just been confined to a sanitarium. Have I confused him with some other mystery writer? If it was MacDonald, was "The Lonely Silver Rain" an unfinished manuscript completed by someone else?
May 10, 2003 | From Associated Press
Eighty people were rounded up Friday in a northern Iraqi village after U.S. forces were told they might find four local leaders of Saddam Hussein's Baath Party there, the Army said. Col. Don Campbell, commander of the 4th Infantry Division's 1st Brigade, which is responsible for the area in northern Iraq, said many of the prisoners from Siwash probably would be released. But he said that at least one man apprehended had been sought by U.S. forces, although he was not on the most-wanted list.
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