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Donald J Trump

November 1, 1999 | From Times Staff and Wire Reports
Donald Trump attacked the trade policies of several U.S. allies Sunday and said that, as president, he would personally handle the nation's trade talks. Among his comments during an appearance on "Fox News Sunday," the New York developer who is considering a bid for the Reform Party's presidential nomination said: * France is "a terrible partner." * Japan is "ripping us big league." * Germany "wants to take over the world economically. They failed militarily."
Patrick J. Buchanan, the passionate conservative who wrote scripts for Barry Goldwater, Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan, left them all behind Monday to attempt to hijack the party of Ross Perot, Jesse Ventura and, yes, even Donald Trump.
October 25, 1999 | From Associated Press
Former television commentator Patrick J. Buchanan and New York developer Donald Trump stepped farther from their Republican roots and closer to a possible showdown for the presidential nomination of the Reform Party on Sunday. Buchanan, who is expected to make a formal announcement of his plans to enter the Reform Party contest today, said in a television interview that he had made the decision "because the Washington elite of the GOP has left me."
October 8, 1999 | Associated Press
New York tycoon Donald Trump said Thursday that he has formed an exploratory committee to help him determine whether he can win the White House as a Reform Party candidate. "We're looking at the very strong possibility that we could win--and not just the [third party] nomination," Trump told reporters. In a further sign of Trump's seriousness, he was meeting Thursday with Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura--the Reform Party's leading elected official.
September 14, 1999 | From Times Wire Reports
Tycoon developer Donald Trump said in a telephone interview from his New York office that he is considering running for president as a Reform Party candidate out of respect for Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura. Supporters of Ventura, a former professional wrestler and a leader in the Reform Party, are said to be urging Trump to run as an alternative to the potential candidacy of Patrick J. Buchanan.
April 12, 1995 | By JUDITH EVANS, NEWSDAY
A billionaire Saudi prince and a Singapore-based hotel chain have reached a tentative agreement to buy a controlling stake in the Plaza Hotel, further reducing Donald Trump's role in what was once one of his favorite trophies. Prince Alwaleed bin Talal bin Abdulaziz al Saud and CDL Hotels said Tuesday that they will spend $28 million to renovate the hotel over the next two years and inject another $75 million to pay down a portion of the hotel's $300 million mortgage within three years.
January 5, 1995
The Los Angeles Unified School District has been ordered to reimburse millionaire developer Donald Trump's company, Ambassador Associates, more than $3 million in legal fees it incurred while the district was negotiating to buy the closed Ambassador Hotel. Because the district ultimately abandoned its plan to buy the Mid-Wilshire property, tear down the hotel and build a high school on the land, it was legally liable for Ambassador Associates' legal costs.
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