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Donald Sterling

December 28, 1985
The Clipper players certainly feel the harshness of management's treatment of fellow players. The same harsh treatment is now being applied to the Clippers' coach. It has a definite effect on player, coach and, above all, fans. Donald Sterling and his wrecking crew need help. Maybe they can contact the Dodger and Raider owners and ask for lessons on how to run a professional sports team. GEORGE B. PARKS Los Angeles
April 27, 2014 | By Ben Bolch
OAKLAND -- In a potentially ominous sign for the Clippers, Coach Doc Rivers acknowledged Sunday he wasn't sure about his future with the organization in the wake of racial remarks attributed to owner Donald Sterling. Asked if there were things he needed to hear and see from Sterling or others within the organization to want to continue working for the Clippers, Rivers said, “Don't know yet. I'm just going to leave it at that.” Lakers star Kobe Bryant and Golden State Warriors Coach Mark Jackson were among those who have said they could not play for Sterling in the wake of an audio recording released by TMZ that purports to contain Sterling telling a female friend that he was upset she posted a picture on her Instagram account of herself next to Lakers legend Magic Johnson and didn't want her to bring him to Clippers games.
April 27, 2014 | By Mike DiGiovanna, This post has been updated. See the note below for details
NEW YORK - The Angels promoted one of their top relief-pitching prospects to the big leagues Sunday, calling up right-hander Mike Morin, 22, from triple-A Salt Lake and optioning outfielder Brennan Boesch to triple A. Morin, who is scheduled to arrive in Yankee Stadium by game time, began the season at double-A Arkansas, where he did not allow an earned run in five innings of five games. He was promoted to triple A on April 16, and in four games for Salt Lake, he gave up four earned runs in three innings.
April 26, 2014 | By Bettina Boxall
Donald Sterling's wife of more than 50 years describes his alleged mistress as a gold digger who seduces older, wealthy men and persuades them to shower her with gifts, according to a lawsuit filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court on March 7. The Clippers team owner and a woman identified as V. Stiviano allegedly began an affair after meeting at the 2010 Super Bowl game and were still in the relationship as of the filing date, according to...
March 8, 2003
I have a sinking feeling. The Clippers remind me of the Titanic just before it hit the iceberg. Firing Alvin Gentry is like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic as it was going down. As long as Donald Sterling is owner of the Clippers, their disastrous journey is sure to continue on its destructive path. That is, unless Dennis Johnson is a magician. Joe Lyou Gardena Alvin Gentry wasn't fired because he was too nice. Dare I say that it was about the ego of Elgin Baylor?
May 27, 1995
In the last couple of weeks, the Clippers have sent out two flyers encouraging season-ticket holders to keep the faith. One had 20 quotes from other teams saying how hard the Clippers try. The other calculated that the Clippers had the best chance of getting the top pick in the draft. So what? I don't know who the Clippers will get in the draft, but it won't make any difference. As soon as that young guy finds out about life with Donald Sterling, he'll move on like all the rest did. BILL HALPIN Signal Hill
February 2, 1991
What's wrong with the Clippers? They are a bunch of supporting players in search of a star. A bunch of Walter Brennans and Ward Bonds waiting for John Wayne to arrive. Nobody can or wants to get the girl. Danny Manning, billed as Robert Redford, seems more like Robert Loggia: good, but no leading man. Ron Harper, in his return last Saturday night, looked a little like Clint Eastwood in taking charge at the end. However, if he turns out to be more like Clint Walker, Donald Sterling should think seriously about trading a couple of his Peter Lorres for one Humphrey Bogart.
November 27, 2004
If Arte Moreno thinks by simply changing the name of the Angels to Los Angeles he can achieve better advertising, radio and TV broadcast fees, he should call Donald Sterling and ask him how it's going so far. Charles R. Belden Santa Ana So, the Montreal Expos, owned by the other 29 teams, have been renamed the Washington Nationals. I assume Arte Moreno's vote, or suggestion, was to rename the franchise the Los Angeles Nationals of Washington, D.C. Mike Rosenthal West Hills
August 5, 2000
So Bob Huggins withdraws his name when he finds out Elgin goes to Donald and says, "We'd like to interview Huggins this week for the job," and Sterling says, "My god, Miller must be 120 years old, but if he can win at baseball he should be able to win at basketball." FRED E. STEMRICH Claremont The Clippers are looking in the wrong place for their new coach. They should be looking at the high school level. That would fit with what they've been doing under Donald Sterling's leadership.
April 30, 1994
I am writing to emphasize one point: The Clippers are simply the worst organization in professional sports. Other organizations try to get better. Donald Sterling actually looks forward to the NBA lottery. This team has had only one good coach in the last 10 years and he left last year. The Clippers hired Bob Weiss, who has never had much success anywhere he has coached. They could have had Lenny Wilkens, but they wasted time and he ended up in Atlanta. The Clippers are the laughingstock of professional sports, and nobody seems to care but the fans.
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