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August 23, 1986
This may well be the worst team in history to draw 3 million (frustrated) fans. EARL S. DRAIMIN Van Nuys
October 22, 1989
The original "Win, Lose or Draw" with Bert Convy was great, but the new format leaves a lot to be desired. Mrs. Helen Brosky, Dana Point
June 12, 2010 | By Charles Solomon, Special to the Los Angeles Times
Readers over 30 may not recognize manga artist Takehiko Inoue's name, but teens and twentysomethings in America, Japan, France, Brazil and 19 other countries follow the misadventures of basketball star wanna-be Hanamichi Sakuragi in "Slam Dunk," samurai Miyamoto Musashi's progress on the musha shugyo ("warrior's path") in "Vagabond" and the struggles of wheelchair basketball ace Kiyoharu Togawa in "Real." Inoue has sold more than 157 million books worldwide. Born in 1967 in Kagoshima prefecture, Inoue attended Kumamoto University but dropped out to concentrate on manga.
January 16, 2000
Feiffer's Sunday strip was so right-on! Cartoons are a true American art form depicting the human condition. I, for one, could not start my day without them. Long may they draw! ESTELLE ABRAMS Northridge
August 15, 1998
CNBC's "Upfront Tonight" is scheduled to debut Aug. 24--yet Howard Rosenberg is already negative and sarcastic ("To What Can This Be Attributed?," Aug. 12): "First [Geraldo] Rivera, now [Diane] Dimond. Draw your own conclusions." Yo, Howard. How about waiting to see the show once or twice before you draw conclusions about it! MICHAEL SCHOEN (Married to the co-host) Los Angeles
November 12, 1988
Geraldo Rivera should be stopped from airing his program. He really deserved that broken nose he received, since it caused so much destruction and hatred and violence. Isn't there enough of that going on in our society without encouraging more? How could any sane person sit there and watch such an outrageous program? What is going on in our world today? Where do we draw the line? Yes, I know I have an on-and-off switch on my TV, but encouraging this type of programming is hideous.
May 3, 2008
Did anyone notice the on-track attendance of 8,034 on Sunday at Hollywood Park? This was for 10 stakes races, on the fifth day of the meet. If that's the best they can draw, I suggest turning the track into a mall now. Why wait four years? Ken McIntyre Torrance
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