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March 11, 2010 | By Diane Pucin
This match slipped away from Melanie Oudin as quickly as her impatient forehands sailed out of the court, big bunches of errors coming faster and faster. It disappeared into the hands of a steady but unspectacular 27-year-old Italian named Roberta Vinci. "She's 10 years older than me," the 18-year-old Oudin said, exaggerating the age difference by a year. Oudin, the highest-ranked American woman in the draw of the BNP Paribas Open at No. 41, made a quick exit from the tournament at Indian Well Tennis Garden on Thursday.
January 10, 2010 | By Steve Rosenbloom
Open-raising with less-than-premium hands can be profitable in several ways. For one thing, you might win the pot uncontested. For another, you tend to get action when you raise with big holdings. Yet another important result of aggressive play is that you can win a big pot by hitting a surprise hand, as veteran pro Billy Baxter showed in this hand from the 2009 World Series of Poker $10,000-buy-in main event at Las Vegas' Rio Hotel. With blinds at $100-$200, Baxter made it $600 to go from middle position with the 10-7 of hearts.
April 19, 2014 | By David Undercoffler
Each spring, the small town of Moab, Utah, gets overrun with Jeeps. They come in every size, shape, and color, and they come by the thousands. The draw is the annual Easter Jeep Safari, a gathering of Jeep fanatics that is now in its 48th year. The event was created by the Moab Chamber of Commerce, but these days it's run by the Red Rock 4-Wheelers, a local club that promotes trail maintenance and responsible off-roading. PHOTOS: Highlights from the Easter Jeep Safari The draw is nine days of off-roading on public trails outside Moab that are considered some of the most picturesque -- and challenging -- in the country.
September 25, 2004
What's gotten into Karl Dorrell? While it's too early to acknowledge that I'm wrong, I'm at least wrong about two of the first three games. I only hope I'm wrong about the annual November swoon. Jerry Namba Santa Maria Coaching 101 midterm: You have just rushed for 400-plus yards against your opponent. You need six inches to win the game. Do you: A) Run the ball. B) Run the ball. C) Run a trick play. EXTRA CREDIT (for the wizards who chose C)
December 3, 1988
Rodney Peete's feeble performance against Notre Dame probably shattered his prospects of winning the coveted Heisman. But it wasn't his fault. His supporting cast, especially the offensive line, was also culpable. The same is true of the architects of the game plan. Peete is most effective when the opposition doesn't know whether he is going to pitch out, pass or run. Yet there wasn't one quarterback draw by the Trojans, virtually no option plays and few rollouts. Were the coaches trying to conserve Peete's energy--in view of his previous illness?
July 22, 2000
Pro football (non-Arena variety) has returned to Los Angeles, but why would anyone pay to watch the XFL when they can see mediocre football by attending a Bruin or Trojan game? The league will become the Ex-FL within two years unless Vince McMahon draws on his wrestling background and adds some extra fillips to make the game more interesting. As McMahon knows, there's a large contingent of sports fans who are especially turned on by blood and guts. To attract this group, he can add some wrestling techniques to the standard NFL rule book.
August 22, 2008 | Jessica Gelt, Times Staff Writer
The MAN had been flirting with the woman by the bar for a few minutes before blurting out, "Is that a gorilla mask between your legs?" She stared at him, silent for a moment, then grinned broadly and said: "You know, it really is." Normally a question like that would meet with a swift slap to the jowl, but not on Saturday afternoons and evenings at La Cita Bar. Since late June, the Latino dance hall-cum-scruffy artist hideaway in downtown L.A. has joined with the Silver Lake outsider art gallery Ghettogloss to host a figure-drawing class of primitive proportions: The models -- mostly women in bikinis -- wear gorilla masks while they pose.
February 9, 1997
Greg Braxton's "Roots Plus 20" made some very good points (Jan. 26), but it may have missed one important factor in the question of what determines the kind of shows we see on television. The real bottom line is ratings. If an excellent show like "Frank's Place" doesn't draw a big-enough share of the ratings, it's history. If a really dumb show (no names necessary) pulls a big-enough draw, it's here to stay--as long as the ratings don't drop too low. In short, the problem of African Americans (or any other group of people)
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