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Drug Abuse

January 25, 1988 | Reuters
The problem of drug abuse in West Germany increased alarmingly over the last year, Interior Minister Friedrich Zimmermann said Sunday. Zimmermann said that 700 pounds of heroin was seized in 1987, double the previous year, while cocaine hauls rose by 50% to 620 pounds, according to provisional figures. About 450 people died directly from drug abuse over the year, more than 100 more than in 1986.
February 5, 2014 | By Matt Pearce
Even the threat of death can't reliably stop a heroin addiction.  Paramedics tell stories about the tricks addicts use to save themselves from an overdose -- that is, to ensure that somebody else saves them. For instance, users will block a water drain in a public building so that someone will notice flooding and call 911. "Interestingly, we have received several calls for auto accidents," an Ohio emergency medical technician, or EMT, noted in a state addiction treatment survey published in November . "Apparently, some users are stopping in the parking lot, putting their car in 'drive' with foot on brake.
January 7, 1988
The Los Angeles County Task Force on Drug Abuse has wrapped up a yearlong study into the problems of alcohol and drug abuse with a list of recommendations aimed at better coordinating efforts to combat the problem.
August 6, 1985 | United Press International
Nancy Reagan will travel to Bentley College in Waltham, Mass., Thursday where she will participate in a "rap session" with youngsters in a drug abuse program, her press secretary said today. After addressing the group, the First Lady will fly to Martha's Vineyard for a two-day stay at the summer home of Katherine Graham, chairman of the board of the Washington Post.
May 13, 1987
Making students "proud to be drug free" is the idea behind a two-day conference on drug abuse that will be held this weekend at Rancho Santiago Community College in Santa Ana. The conference--which will begin Friday with a program targeted at educators and continues Saturday with workshops for students and parents--is being sponsored by the City of Santa Ana, the Santa Ana Unified School District and the Rancho Santiago Community College District.
May 17, 1990 | From Times wire services
Dr. Lawrence Brown Jr., an internist who specializes in drug and alcohol abuse, was named today by the NFL as its drug-abuse adviser. In making the announcement, Commissioner Paul Tagliabue said, "With the addition of Dr. Brown, the NFL will continue its testing and related efforts to eliminate drug abuse in the league. His education, training and practical experience will enable Dr. Brown to be a force against the use of street drugs."
July 3, 1990
Saying anti-drug efforts should begin in kindergarten, Mayor Tom Bradley on Monday told a congressional subcommittee meeting in Los Angeles that the federal war on drugs should include more emphasis on prevention and rehabilitation. Bradley complained that President Bush's $10.6-billion anti-drug program concentrates too heavily on law enforcement efforts and fails to attack the socioeconomic factors that lead to drug abuse.
February 13, 1987 | Associated Press
The Boy Scouts of America on Thursday announced a nationwide, multimedia effort to help combat drug abuse among Scout-age youths. "The country is in the midst of a serious drug epidemic," said Ben H. Love, chief Scout executive. "Taking drugs is not just dangerous, it is deadly." Love said: "We are seeing kids--only 9, 10 or 11 years old--playing a deadly game of Russian roulette with their hearts, their livers, and in particular, with that most marvelous and delicate organ, their brains."
October 22, 1985 | BETTY CUNIBERTI, Times Staff Writer
Nancy Reagan told the wives of 31 heads of government Monday that "we're certainly all in very hot water" when it comes to drug abuse among the world's youth. The First Ladies' Conference on Drug Abuse, in conjunction with the 40th anniversary of the United Nations, was hosted by Mrs. Reagan as a follow-up to a similar meeting of 17 wives of heads of government at the White House last April.
February 11, 1992 | From Times Staff and Wire Reports
The percentage of drug abuse among American workers and job applicants declined for the fifth consecutive year, according to a company that tested 2.2 million of them last year. Even so, 8.8% of the people tested in 1991 came up positive, said SmithKline Beecham Clinical Laboratories in Philadelphia. The company said 11% of the workplace drug tests were positive in 1990, down from 12.7% in 1989 and 13.6% in 1988.
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