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June 7, 2009
I loved reading Dan Neil's "Clutch Time" [May 24] about dual-sport riding on Southern California's back roads. Rediscovering these old thoroughfares allows us to appreciate the men and women who worked to make this majestic landscape accessible for all to savor. Dual-sport riders are reliving the spirit of early explorers who, via horseback and buckboard wagons, mapped routes through the local forests and mountains. Neil's article is a tribute to those of us who fantasize about those simple trails that bring us closer to nature.
April 26, 2014 | By Patrick McDonnell and Tom Kington
One helped revolutionize the church, becoming an enduring icon among progressive Roman Catholics who view religion as a vehicle for justice and peace. The other figured in a societal revolution outside the church, earning the adulation of conservatives by battling communism and contributing to the downfall of the Soviet Union. On Sunday, Pope Francis will canonize two pontiffs - John XXIII and John Paul II - in a ceremony here, marking the first time that two popes were made saints at the same time.
April 30, 2010 | By Melissa Rohlin
Mike Maynard, first-year men's track and field coach at UCLA, is feeling the pressure. The UCLA- USC dual meet is Saturday at UCLA's Drake Stadium, where the Bruin men have not lost in 33 years. "I'm well aware of the rivalry and the impact that it has on the community," said Maynard, who's in his 23rd year of coaching. "I've always watched this meet." USC holds a 41-35 overall advantage in the meet's 76-year history. The UCLA women lead their series against USC, 21-5, but the Trojans have won the last two years.
April 26, 2014 | By Patrick J. McDonnell and Tom Kington
Tens of thousands of pilgrims were gathering here Saturday in heady anticipation of Sunday's dual canonization of two of the most influential popes of recent times, John Paul II and John XXIII. It will mark the first time in the long history of the Roman Catholic Church that two ex-popes are made saints on the same day. On Saturday, the Vatican confirmed another first - retired Pope Benedict XVI will assist Pope Francis during the sainthood ceremony. That means two living popes will help canonize a pair of their predecessors in a singular celebration of four pontiffs, alive and dead.
September 11, 2008 | Teresa Watanabe, Times Staff Writer
Salvador Gomez Gochez was 25 when he first came to Los Angeles with $3 in his pocket and painful memories of his Salvadoran homeland torn apart by repression and war. Working his way up from a parking lot attendant to a manager, he learned English, bought a home, volunteered for a Salvadoran community organization and became a U.S. citizen, grateful to the country he says saved his life. But Gomez Gochez, now 54, also retained his Salvadoran citizenship. Now, as a dual citizen, he has made the dramatic decision to return to his impoverished hometown in El Salvador and run for mayor after nearly three decades away.
October 4, 2002
"It's a strange situation. He's my boss and then I'm his boss. But let's not mistake it, I'm his boss, anyway."- - Don Nelson, Dallas Maverick coach, on his son Donnie's dual role as assistant coach and team president
April 15, 1989 | RANDY HARVEY
UCLA's four-year dual meet winning streak in track and field will be in jeopardy at Drake Stadium today when the Bruins face Louisiana State and Houston in a double dual meet. UCLA has won 41 straight dual meets, one short of the school record set in 1972-76. To break the record, the Bruins would have to beat both LSU and Houston. UCLA Coach Bob Larsen said he is not optimistic, particularly when discussing LSU, because of injuries to three of his best athletes--quarter-miler Steve Lewis, sprinter Mike Marsh and hurdler Derek Knight.
December 2, 2001
Regarding "Realty Agent Has Success With 'Team' Approach" by Robert Bruss (Nov. 11), from an agent with eight "team members": The concept was born out of the franchises several years ago in their attempt to do more in improving market share. According to the [letter] writer, his percentage of selling his own listings is "more than 90%." This means that all the commission comes into this particular office and the agent himself. It also means that all of these sales are what we refer to as "dual agency sales."
Erik and Lyle Menendez's Beverly Hills therapist, who heard them confess to killing their parents and then became a key witness in the first of the brothers' two murder trials, was stripped of his psychology license Friday. L. Jerome Oziel, who had been accused by a state panel of breaking confidentiality rules and having sex with female patients, surrendered his license to the state Department of Consumer Affairs' Board of Psychology. In a deal that was agreed to Sept.
In a year that has seen would-be action heroes Jeff Speakman and Brian Bosworth make well-orchestrated attempts to muscle their way into the action-adventure movie arena, Columbia Pictures is clearly betting that Jean-Claude Van Damme could be the next Chuck Norris, Steven Seagal--or even Arnold Schwarzenegger. "Double Impact," the $15-million action film in which Van Damme plays dual roles, opened well Aug. 9 and has grossed $15.
April 2, 2014 | By David Ng
Shakespeare's "Henry V" begins with a narrator called the Chorus bemoaning the theater as "an unworthy scaffold. " The description turns out to be an accurate one for the Pacific Resident Theatre production, which takes place in a cramped, 34-seat space where actors and audience can practically touch hands without much strain. The tiny theater turns out to be a major asset in this production, which has been earning critical praise since opening last month, and has extended its run to May 11. Featuring minimal sets and actors clad in contemporary clothes, this fast-paced staging was the brainchild of Guillermo Cienfuegos, a veteran L.A. theater director who has worked numerous times with the Venice-based PRT. PHOTOS: Shakespeare 2.0 The bard on the screen Cienfuegos is actually actor Alex Fernandez, who pulls double duty in this "Henry V" by playing the Chorus.
February 26, 2014
Re "Spoiled about water," Opinion, Feb. 24 Installing dual water meters to measure both indoor and outdoor use as a way to help save water sounds like a good idea until factoring in the total costs. The $255 "sub meter" cited by the authors is only a fraction of what's needed to set up a dual water meter system. One must factor in the trenching and then installation of a second pipe from each meter to the residences, and then the plumbing on through the residence to the backyard, where there may be more landscaping or a pool.
February 9, 2014 | By Eric Maddy
CIF-SS DUAL MEET WRESTING CHAMPIONSHIPS Division 1: Temecula Valley 54, Corona Santiago 18 Division 2: Northview 42, Servite 30 Division 3: Temescal Canyon 45, Rowland 26 Division 4: Bloomington 49, Downey 15 Division 5: Yorba Linda 29, Arroyo 27 Division 6: Carter 28, Rialto 25
January 24, 2014 | By Randy Lewis
Every Grammy Awards telecast is a production nightmare: three-plus hours of multiple live music performances, unpredictable stage antics and rambling acceptance speeches. But this year's production, which airs Sunday night from the Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles, may be the most challenging Grammys ever - and it has nothing to do with Kanye or Miley. Within 24 hours of the ceremony Sunday, the Grammy production team will embark on another major network TV special, this one recorded next-door at the L.A. Convention Center.
October 22, 2013 | By Richard Fausset
MEXICO CITY - Cuba announced Tuesday that it would move toward ending a two-tier national currency system widely criticized for creating a privileged class with access to a special peso. The notice, published in Granma, the official Communist Party newspaper, was not unexpected: President Raul Castro had announced his support for such a plan in July. But the announcement Tuesday was short on details about how the country's leadership plans to unify the regular peso, which is worth pennies on the U.S. dollar, and the "convertible" peso, or CUC, which is pegged to the dollar.
October 11, 2013 | By David L. Ulin, Los Angeles Times Book Critic
It's tough to be a writer of crime fiction. Not because of the genre but because of the expectations: A book a year, preferably part of a series, the same character over and over again. This is why, say, Walter Mosley and Michael Connelly have branched out; Mosley set aside his hero, Easy Rawlins, for six years before bringing him back in 2013. The same is true of George Pelecanos, the Washington-based author of the "D.C. Quartet" and a dozen other novels who has written about a variety of detectives as well as for television ("The Wire," "Treme")
January 21, 1992 | THERESA MUNOZ
The fastest 50-meter freestyle swimmers in the world last year were Americans Matt Biondi, Tom Jager and Steve Crocker. But only two of them will advance from the Olympic trials, March 1-6 in Indianapolis, to the Olympic Games, starting July 25 in Barcelona, Spain. In response to U.S. swimming dominance, FINA, the world governing body of the sport, decreased the number of entrants allowed each country from three per event to two in 1980. Other international meets followed suit.
November 29, 1992 | BETH SHERMAN, NEWSDAY
Leading a double life would seem to be the exclusive domain of professional spies, fictional secret agents and undercover operatives with foreign accents. But seemingly ordinary men and women sometimes hide extraordinary secrets from those closest to them: their families, friends and co-workers. Consider the well-respected chief executive who embezzles funds from his company. The man with two wives and two sets of children who know nothing of one another's existence.
September 21, 2013 | Eric Sondheimer
One reason for all the yardage being piled up and the many points being scored during the first four weeks of the high school football season is the proliferation of quarterbacks who can pass and run. It's 21st century football, and defensive coordinators are suffering nightmares trying to teach their defenders what to do. These are among the two-way threats who had big Friday nights: - Cristian Solano of San Fernando passed for 164...
September 14, 2013 | By Judi Dash
Have you ever forgotten the code to one of those little combination locks? Or maybe one of the numbers mysteriously shifted, and you couldn't get the lock to lock or you couldn't get it to open? Finally, here's backup for what fails you. The Dual Combi/Key Lock opens and locks with a three-digit combination mechanism on the bottom or a keyhole on the front (two keys included). Either method can override the other. Then you can reconfigure the lock so it can serve another day instead of getting trashed.
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