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Dusty Baker

November 9, 2002 | From Staff and Wire Reports
Former San Francisco Giant manager Dusty Baker owes more than $1 million in back taxes and penalties because of some bad investments he made in the early 1980s. Baker's Oakland-based tax attorney, Karen Hawkins, said Friday that Baker invested in four tax shelters on the advice of his brother. Hawkins said the situation would be resolved by the end of this year. Baker will interview with the Chicago Cubs on Monday about their managerial opening.
November 7, 2002 | Thomas Bonk, Times Staff Writer
Dusty Baker, you just managed your team in the World Series, where are you going to go now? Chicago, maybe. Possibly ESPN. Just don't say Pacific Bell Park. The San Francisco Giants called a hastily arranged news conference late Wednesday afternoon and announced that Baker isn't coming back for his 11th year as manager.
November 6, 2002 | Rob Fernas
Dusty Baker felt the love of Chicago Cub fans when he was in the Windy City last weekend for the Notre Dame-Boston College football game, writes Jay Mariotti of the Chicago Sun-Times: "[The San Francisco Giant manager] was mobbed by Cub fans, who view him as the faith healer and mojo man of a 95-year hex.... "On the grandest scale, though, Baker equates love with the amount of money he is paid. Which is why those fuddy-duddies at Tribune Co.
October 28, 2002 | --Jason Reid, Mike Hiserman, Bill Dwyre and Helene Elliott
With the Giants leading, 5-0, in the seventh inning of Game 6 on Saturday, Manager Dusty Baker gave starting pitcher Russ Ortiz the game ball when the right-hander was removed with one out and runners on first and second. The Angels took that as an insult, figuring the Giants thought they had already clinched the title. Final score: Angels 6, Giants 5. "How was I showing them up?" Baker said Sunday. "I don't care what they like, you know what I'm saying?
October 27, 2002 | Ross Newhan
A tape is playing softly in the visiting manager's office at Edison Field. It is a Dusty Baker favorite: John Lee Hooker from his album, "Mr. Lucky." Mr. Lucky? "Dammit," says Baker. He says it no louder than the tape, but he repeats it as he works at his desk, writing a lineup for Game 7 of the World Series on a yellow pad, wishing it wasn't necessary, having done everything he thought was necessary to close out the Angels in Game 6, uncork the champagne, unplug the rally monkey.
October 25, 2002 | Ross Newhan
It would hit Dusty Baker when he woke up Thursday morning, then not again. Fleeting, he would say. Sort of like the starting stint by the Angels' Jarrod Washburn in Game 5 of the World Series Thursday night. The San Francisco Giants built a 6-0 lead against Washburn after two innings and went on to a 16-4 embarrassment. The Giants now need one more victory to provide Baker with the champagne for a possible farewell party. Is Baker leaving? Is his 10-year tenure at the Giants' helm about to end.
October 24, 2002 | Scott Gold, Times Staff Writer
Maybe it's that the name Momma Bonds still summons a palpable reverence on the worn streets of the Eastside neighborhood, even a certain fear among those old enough to remember how her stare could ice down the blistering summer heat if they were acting up. Maybe it's that there are still those who insist that Bobby Bonds was faster than the Santa Ana winds, or remember that they're standing on the same dirt that gave Dusty Baker his name.
October 21, 2002 | Steve Springer, Times Staff Writer
Both of their big-league experiences were tinted in Dodger Blue, but Angel Manager Mike Scioscia learned his craft from behind the plate while San Francisco Giant Manager Dusty Baker was in the outfield. So does that give Scioscia any sort of edge in the matchup of managers in this World Series?
October 19, 2002 | Mike DiGiovanna, Times Staff Writer
San Francisco slugger Barry Bonds, in a lengthy media session Friday, said he and Jeff Kent complement each other the way Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan did, the way Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar did, and Bonds must not have been referring to that uncomplimentary June 25 incident in San Diego, when his meaty hands gripped Kent's neck as if it were a Louisville Slugger.
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