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May 21, 1988
Great. Drug-policing duties to the military. Next I'll worry about getting pulled over for a traffic citation by MPs in an olive-drab Jeep. JAMES D. REAGAN Downey
January 8, 1986
Richard H. Loeffler has resigned as president and a director of TRE Corp., an aerospace design and engineering firm based in Los Angeles. Chairman L.S. Wyler will assume Loeffler's duties, the company said. Loeffler, president since 1977, will pursue other business opportunities, TRE said.
January 3, 2008 | From Times Wire Reports
Clear Channel Communications Inc. said Donald Perry had resigned as chief executive of Clear Channel Television. Craig Millar, senior vice president for the San Antonio-based firm's southern region, will assume Perry's duties on an interim basis until a replacement is named, the company said. Clear Channel is selling its TV assets.
August 27, 1992
Torrance Airport Manager John S. "Jock" Cagaanan has been reassigned to other duties amid a city review, City Manager LeRoy J. Jackson said Wednesday night. "We're in a personnel investigation and review," Jackson said. He declined to elaborate.
April 12, 1992
So Anaheim City Councilman William D. Ehrle thinks that accepting free Disneyland and game tickets, parking and who knows what else is an extension of his duties as an elected official ("Officials Were Warned About Gift Limits in Anaheim," April 4). Well, after I finished laughing, I figured what the heck. Put me on the list for all of these freebies. I'll look on them as an extension of my duties as a voter and taxpayer in the city of Anaheim. By the way, does Jackie Autry know she's giving out all these free passes?
June 4, 2003
Re "When 'I Do' Meets 'No, You Don't,' " May 30: The assertion that a Jewish wife is her husband's "rightfully purchased property" is an insult to every woman who has ever been married in a Jewish ceremony. It is, furthermore, a crass attempt to portray Judaism as a primitive, uncultured relic of more barbaric times. The truth could not be more different. Judaism invented the prenuptial agreement and incorporated it into its marriage service more than 2,500 years ago. It is called the Ketuvah, and it formalizes the duties of a husband to his wife; if these are not fulfilled, the wife can sue for divorce.
April 2, 2004
Major league baseball players represent perseverance and success (Commentary, March 29). In the sport's first 100 years, they suffered numerous defeats both at unionization and in the courtroom before forming the current Major League Baseball Players Assn. and winning free agency. Once, nonstars had to perform clean-up duties and work the gate besides playing. Today they are easily professional sports' most powerful union. Steve Varalyay Torrance
December 1, 1985
Perlmutter's article was long on gossip and short on perspective. The replacement of Wagner as director of the Master Chorale is the end of an era; but it most emphatically is not the end of a career. I doubt that his duties with the Master Chorale account for more than a fourth of his professional activities. MICHAEL T. ALEXANDER Downey
March 5, 1988
It seems as if The Times does not have much faith in the ability of the voters ("Sacramento Shoving Match," editorial, Feb. 27). Although the Legislature and governor are derelict in their duties for which they were hired to do, the people are better than their representatives and do make better decisions. Perhaps it is a blessing in disguise. JOE R. TOLOSA JR. Glendora
July 2, 1989 | From Associated Press
The Seabrook nuclear plant's No. 2 executive has been fired one week after low-power testing was abruptly suspended because of improper control room procedures, a spokesman said Friday. George Thomas, a vice president in charge of nuclear production at the $6-billion reactor, was relieved of plant duties Thursday because of "inappropriate management actions" after the June 22 reactor shutdown, plant spokesman Ron Sher said.
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