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Early Voting

November 16, 2008 | Mike Baker, Baker writes for the Associated Press.
Despite Barack Obama's success in registering tens of thousands of voters this summer, he might not have won North Carolina without its new law allowing same-day registration and voting before election day. Obama took the state -- the first Democrat do to so in more than three decades -- by an unofficial margin of 13,692 votes over John McCain. There are some provisional ballots left to count, but they are not expected to significantly change that gap. Nearly 92,000 people registered during the early-voting period, which opened after the registration deadline for election-day voting had passed.
November 4, 2008 | Janet Hook and Noam N. Levey, Hook is a Times staff writer.
For vast swaths of Americans, election day has already come and gone thanks to a record level of early voting -- a big transformation of the way Americans exercise their most fundamental right as citizens. In three swing states -- North Carolina, New Mexico and Colorado -- the number of voters who have already cast their ballots has reached more than 70% of the number who voted there in 2004.
November 4, 2008
Re "L.A. County's early voters don't escape the lines," Nov. 2 Could someone please explain the pathetically inadequate resources set aside in Los Angeles County for early voting? Is everyone at the county registrar's office asleep? It doesn't take a rocket scientist to anticipate heavy voter turnout this year. It apparently wasn't a problem for Orange County. Howard Woffinden Los Angeles -- It is inexcusable that there is only one early voting location in the county with the most registered voters in the entire nation.
November 2, 2008 | Bob Pool, Pool is a Times staff writer.
Voters hoping to avoid long election day lines found themselves standing in one that lasted nearly five hours Saturday in Norwalk. A crush of early-bird balloters swarmed the Los Angeles County registrar's office, where 100 voting booths filled a tent on the office's lawn. A similar turnout was expected today at the same site, the only one for early voting in the county. "I knew this line would be long, and to be honest, it's a shame it's not longer.
October 31, 2008 | Times Wire Reports
Polling places in the state may stay open an extra four hours on Saturday to accommodate early voters, the state Board of Elections has decided. The board voted unanimously to order all 100 counties to keep their early voting sites open until 5 p.m. instead of 1 p.m. unless local officials decide it's unnecessary. More than 1.7 million people -- 30% of registered voters -- had cast a ballot through Wednesday night.
October 30, 2008
Re "Get a grip on elections," Opinion, Oct. 27 In early voting, there have been reports already of "vote flipping" in three states. The screen of the voting machine shows that you voted for one candidate but a review of the ballot indicates that you voted for another. If an election judge is not available at the poll location to remedy this, you are disenfranchised. How widespread vote flipping is remains to be determined. It is an indication that we are in a fight to keep voting machines from causing fraud -- whether mechanical or deliberate.
October 27, 2008 | Bob Drogin and Seema Mehta, Drogin and Mehta are Times staff writers.
Barack Obama and John McCain began to ease back their slashing attacks on one another Sunday, a sign that both presidential candidates will seek to end the long, bitter race on a positive note. Obama, the Democratic nominee, drew more than 100,000 people to a chilly outdoor rally in front of the gold-domed Statehouse in Denver, and an additional 45,000 in frigid late-day temperatures in Fort Collins.
October 25, 2008 | Peter Nicholas, Nicholas is a Times staff writer.
Record numbers of voters across the nation are casting ballots before election day, including high proportions of Democrats and African Americans in some of the battleground states in what appears to be a promising sign for Barack Obama. In the 32 states that allow people to vote before Nov. 4 without a special excuse, election officials report heavy turnout as the presidential campaign reaches its frenzied last days.
October 21, 2008 | Mark Z. Barabak, Barabak is a Times staff writer.
Words helped get Barack Obama where he is today. Elegant words. Inspiring words. Words that swoop and words that soar. But as he campaigned Monday in Florida, it was the words of his Republican rivals that Obama used to urge supporters to the polls on the first day of early voting in this tropical battleground. The Democrat's pitch, at Tampa's minor league baseball stadium and later alongside Hillary Rodham Clinton in Orlando, was straightforward: There is nastiness afoot.
September 25, 2008 | Peter Nicholas, Times Staff Writer
The campaign isn't over, but the voting is underway. Before watching the presidential debates and without waiting for the next round of TV ads, millions of voters who have made up their minds about John McCain and Barack Obama will cast ballots before election day, thanks to expansive new early-voting laws. In parts of Georgia, voting began last week. In Iowa, residents may vote at county auditor offices starting today.
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