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September 1, 2011
EVENTS Eat your heart out at the Taste, a large culinary festival hosted by the Los Angeles Times and Food & Wine magazine. Over the span of four days, food and drink from some of Southern California's best restaurants and wineries will be served, in conjunction with a series of panels, cooking demonstrations and discussions with a number of L.A.'s finest chefs. L.A. Various times and locations. Fri.-Mon. (213) 237-6552;
April 26, 2014 | By Lisa Dillman
SAN JOSE - At 21, Matt Nieto still looks very much like a college student talking about coming home for Christmas or spring break. But while Nieto happens to be employed by a successful hockey team, he still opts for comfort when he comes home to Long Beach. Where does he go first? "In-N-Out," Nieto said, smiling, answering without hesitation. "Every time I go home, the first place I go is In-N-Out. " You can take the kid out of Southern California, but you can't quite take all of Southern California out of the kid. Never mind that they have plenty of those burger spots in Northern California and San Jose.
February 8, 2004
While reading David Shaw's "Eating Well on the Road" [Feb. 1], I wasn't sure if the article referred to eating gourmet or simply to eating well. During 40-plus years of travel to Europe, I've used two basic approaches to finding a place where I can eat well at a reasonable price. In smaller towns and villages, menus posted outside most restaurants are updated regularly to show what's being offered, including the specials of the day, complete from soup to dessert, at a fair price.
April 25, 2014 | By Mary MacVean
People who took statins to lower their cholesterol levels ate more calories and fat in 2009-10 than did those who took them a decade earlier, raising the question of whether the drug provides a false sense of dietary security. Researchers who used data from a national health survey found that in 1999-2000, people who took statins ate fewer calories, by an average of 179 a day, and less fat than people who didn't take them. The differences began to shrink, and by 2005-06, the difference was insignificant.
January 28, 2007
THE article on eating cheaply in Japan had some good suggestions ["Stretching Your Yen in Tokyo," Jan 14]. Yes, there are convenience stores everywhere, and the variety of food products they carry puts ours to shame. It was noted that department stores have food in the basement, but I found that most of this food was prepared and packaged to take home to eat; it is definitely not OK to eat or drink in public in Japan. I followed the standard tour book suggestion of looking for the large food court that every good-sized train station has and dined quite well (and inexpensively, a major concern)
January 11, 1987
The French invented haute cuisine and the fine art of dining, as opposed to merely eating. They also invented the guillotine. Why, I'll bet right now there is a modern-day Madame Defarge busy knitting the names of all those snobbish phony aristocrats who deserve harsh treatment should regular people ever come to power. Look, there she is now. She's knitting the name R-U-T-H R -E-I-C-H-L !!! Now she's picking up the phone. Hey, Robespierre, have I got a good one for you. Yeah, she lives in L.A. You'll be right over.
January 11, 2009
May 31, 2010 | Gregory Rodriguez
Ah, Memorial Day. It's a holiday that encourages every red-blooded American to do two important things. The first, of course, is to remember those brave men and women who have fallen in the line of duty. The second is to eat junk food and barbecue and drink a lot of alcohol, soda and lemonade. The second Memorial Day rule is no small thing, particularly in an era a lot of people say is marked by an epidemic of obesity. As Americans get rounder, public health specialists devise new ways to shame and punish us for — I mean discourage us from — eating, drinking and otherwise inhaling things that are harmful to our bodies.
March 8, 2006
INTERESTING photo of the new eatery eat. on sunset ["Eat. Drink. (You Know the Rest.)," March 1]. All men. No wait -- there may be a couple of women in the group. Will I fit in? STEPHANY YABLOW North Hollywood
October 5, 1998
My daughter Ellen is 6 months old and I'm back in all my old clothes again--it feels great. Ellen has been a constant inspiration for me to eat healthy. I eat low-fat foods and avoid empty calories. I eat lots of whole-grain cereals and breads, vegetables, beans and legumes, and fruit. For calcium, I eat nonfat yogurt, fortified soy milk and tofu. I drink lots of water and green tea. For exercise during and after pregnancy, I have been walking every day, stretching and doing simple calisthenics.
April 23, 2014 | By Tina Susman
NEW YORK -- Cat haters, read no further. Cat lovers, rejoice. Your feline fantasy is coming true, in the form of a cat cafe. For four days starting Thursday, humans can hang out with friendly cats while eating, drinking and dangling feathery toys from fishing lines. Purina One and the North Shore Animal League, the country's largest no-kill shelter, teamed to create the pop-up cafe. They hope New York soon will be home to permanent cat cafes, which are catching on in cities known for tight living spaces and no-pet apartment buildings.
April 19, 2014
If you go THE BEST WAY TO KAILUA KONA, HAWAII From LAX, Delta, American and United offer non-stop service to Kailua Kona; and United, Hawaiian, American, United and Delta offer connecting service (change of planes). Restricted round-trip fares begin at $725, including taxes and fees. WHERE TO EAT Annie's Island Fresh Burgers, 79-7460 Mamalahoa Highway, Suite 105, Kealakekua; (808) 324-6000, . Da Poke Shack, 76-6246 Alii Drive, Kailua Kona; (808)
April 18, 2014 | By Russ Parsons
Cooking and eating more sustainably doesn't require that you rethink your entire life. Here are some simple things you can do to get started. Start canning some of your own pickles and jams when fruits and vegetables are at the peak of season. It will be cheaper than buying store-bought, and likely the quality will be better as well. Grow your own - either plant vegetables in raised beds in the yard or even just put some herbs in pots on a sunny kitchen windowsill. Eat lower on the food chain - take advantage of the whole animal by using off-cuts of meat that others might pass up, such as beef shanks or lamb's necks, and try cooking the less popular small, oily fish, such as mackerel and sardines that don't extract such an environmental cost compared with high-end fish such as salmon.
April 14, 2014 | By Monte Morin
Sound familiar? Your normally cheerful spouse has suddenly, and inexplicably, turned cranky and an otherwise pleasant day is fast becoming a scene from "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf. " When you see those storm clouds gathering in your significant other's eyes, you might do well to give them some carbohydrates -- and fast. At least that's the advice of a team of researchers who examined the connection between low blood sugar levels and aggression in married couples. The paper , which was published Monday in PNAS, found that when blood glucose levels dropped, spouses were far more likely to stick pins into voodoo dolls representing their mates.
April 13, 2014
Re "Out-to-lunch regulators," Editorial, April 8 It's challenging to satisfy one child's palate, let alone 30 million. Yet 90% of schools are meeting the U.S. Department of Agriculture's updated nutrition standards. School cafeterias are no different than our own homes: Americans simply waste too much food. In response, some schools have employed "share tables" where students leave food they will not consume for others. Changing the way Americans eat will not happen overnight.
April 11, 2014
If you go THE BEST WAY TO CHARLESTON, S.C. From LAX , American, Delta, JetBlue, United, US Airways and Southwest offer connecting service (change of planes) to Charleston. Restricted round-trip fares begin at $327, including all taxes and fees. WHERE TO STAY Belmond Charleston Place, 205 Meeting St., (843) 722-4900, . Part of the luxury group once known as Orient Express and now known as Belmond (Santa Barbara's El Encanto is part of the group)
May 31, 1987 | CHRISTINA BAGLIVI, Baglivi is a Los Angeles free-lance writer .
A low-budget trip to Italy can still fill you with the Italian favorite pastime, eating. Unfortunately, a five-course meal for two in the average Italian ristorante can cost between $50 and $75. A wonderful, inexpensive alternative to anyone traveling to Italy, regardless of budget, is the trattoria , a family-run establishment offering less elegant but delicious, home-cooked meals.
October 3, 1987
My whole life is football. I eat, sleep and breathe football. But, if you think I'm going to spend $28 for a boring afternoon of watching two high school teams practice, you're out of your mind. I'd rather listen to a boring Dodger game. SHARON MORSE Westlake Village
April 7, 2014 | By Jenny Deam
DENVER - It was spring break, and Levy Thamba, a 19-year-old college student from Africa, had checked into a fourth-floor hotel room with three of his buddies. They had come from their small college in Wyoming looking for an adventure. No one is sure how much Thamba ate of the marijuana cookie purchased by one of his friends at a local pot shop. But soon the engineering student, who had never tried marijuana before, began acting strangely hostile, tearing around the room and pulling pictures from the wall.
April 5, 2014 | By Karin Klein
Congress and the U.S. Department of Agriculture should have consulted some everyday, health-conscious moms and dads before they drew up their amazingly byzantine rules for school lunches. I'm all in favor of the new policy's aim to put more fruits and vegetables in front of school kids, especially those who are poor enough to qualify for subsidized school meals. Even if that means a few veggies get tossed in the trash. Most parents know that children, especially those more used to Pringles than parsnips, do a lot of refusing before they develop a taste for vegetables.
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