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Ed Sakamoto

January 30, 1994
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June 27, 1987 | DAN SULLIVAN, Times Theater Critic
Ed Sakamoto's "Life of the Land"--seen here in '81 at the East West Players--has found a life in New York, at the Pan Asian Repertory Theatre. It's a sequel to Sakamoto's "Manoa Valley," in which a young man leaves Hawaii for the mainland to seek his fortune. Here he returns after 20 years, not exactly burned out, but ready to settle in with his family. D. J. Bruckner of the New York Times was impressed.
January 10, 1988 | JANICE ARKATOV
A high school reunion--Hawaiian style--is the setting for Ed Sakamoto's "Stew Rice," which just opened at East West Players. "It's my fourth 'Hawaii play,' " noted Sakamoto, who grew up in Honolulu. "In them, I try to recapture a time, a place, a people--give audiences an accurate picture of how we were, how we are, how we lived, thought, what we liked, didn't like. So, hopefully, it reflects a truth. Also, I use pidgin English.
March 6, 1988 | JANICE ARKATOV
Henry Denker is a busy man. He's written seven television specials, two screenplays, published 14 novels (two more are in the works). For 10 years he wrote, directed and produced "The Greatest Story Ever Told" on radio and television. Seven of his plays have been produced on Broadway--including "Horowitz and Mrs. Washington," which has its West Coast premiere this weekend at the Main Stage Theatre.
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