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Editor S Note

December 9, 2007
A critique in today's Los Angeles Times Magazine about the architecture of the buildings in which talent agencies are headquartered includes details from a tour of Creative Artists Agency offices given to The Times' critic by managing partner Bryan Lourd. The critique says that CAA typically makes a point of keeping itself at arm's length from the press but that after weeks of back and forth CAA agreed to provide a tour by Lourd. While the tour itself was on the record, Lourd's comments from the tour should not have been included in the critique.
December 10, 2006
Is the Rick Wartzman who wrote about "covering the aerospace industry" in his Nov. 19 editor's note ("Read This on a Strictly Need to Know Basis") the same Wartzman who recently told us of his dislike of cars? How can someone who covered aerospace not enjoy its earthbound cousins? One other quick point: Like Dan Neil, I also saw Led Zeppelin, but at Los Angeles' "Fabulous Forum" ("Bought the Shirt," 800 Words, Nov. 19). While not having "ingested hundreds of micrograms" that evening, I still have trouble remembering which year I attended that show.
May 26, 2005
Re "Clambering for Attention" [May 12]: Can you tell us where we might be able to find the plant that's pictured, the Mexican flame vine? The vine sounds fabulous, and the colors are what we are looking for. Bobbe Kahn Dana Point Editor's note: If finding the vine at a local nursery proves difficult, Lili Singer advises ordering online. She suggests; scroll down to Senecio confusus.
April 28, 2005
Re "The Giant of Miniatures" [April 21]: The story on rosarian Ralph Moore was wonderful, and I sent a copy to my daughter who is a college senior and has never planted (willingly) a perennial in her life! But, she'll appreciate his attainments without formal education, his great faith and his cheer about life. Betsy Trane Madison, Wis. Enjoyed the article on Ralph Moore. He is something else. I have noticed that lately you can't find any miniatures in my favorite garden shops and grocery stores.
April 24, 2005
I was quite surprised to see a photograph of an Amish family [My Best Shot, April 16]. Although the photo was very nice, I was under the impression that it is disrespectful to take photographs of these devout people. If this is not the case in this modern age of video cameras, digital cameras etc., please let me know. Eileen Gilmore Yorba Linda Editor's note: Amish beliefs about photographs vary by community and religious order. Tourists should always ask permission before taking photographs, in Amish country and elsewhere.
August 3, 2004
Re "Sky Pilot" (Field Guide, July 27): You tell us the flower "resounds with deep blue tones" and "produces a cluster of deep blue flowers." That's so true. So why did you show it as a pink flower? Sharon Allemann Huntington Beach Editor's note: In some editions, the illustration printed with too much magenta ink.
May 27, 2004
After surviving the Grand Prix fire in October, we faced extensive damage to our home, but at least we still had a home. After moving every article in the house, we decided a lot had to go. We have learned to love the clean, uncluttered look that we once had by design but that after years of raising four kids had disappeared. At first, looking at an empty wall or bookcase took courage. Now nothing goes back on the wall unless it is "chosen." Jackie Terrell's ideas in "So Clever, So Cheap" (May 20)
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