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November 7, 1987
The day was hot and humid, an average summer day in Washington, D.C. My sister, her husband and I decided to go to the mall and play Frisbee. I had always loved to wander around all the museums and monuments there. After playing for several minutes, however, we began to lose interest. We decided to go for a walk and see a part of the park that we had never seen before. The Vietnam Memorial was in that part of the park. I have seen many memorials and monuments, all of which impressed me not because of their meaning but because of their size.
December 8, 1985
Please thank Ann Japenga for her good story on Pancho Barnes. She certainly was a wonderful person, though much misunderstood. I knew Pancho well, and her Happy Bottom Riding Club, a.k.a. Rancho Oro Verde, was a prime source of secret information on events at nearby Edwards AFB, formerly Muroc AFB. When Chuck Yeager went through the sound barrier in the Bell X-1 on Oct. 14, 1947, all the Los Angeles aviation writers knew it, though the brass wanted it kept secret. But Scholer Bangs of Aviation Week busted the story ahead of release date, much to Pancho's disgust.
December 4, 1985 | NEISON HIMMEL, Times Staff Writer
The space shuttle Atlantis made a perfect--but extra long--landing on a concrete runway here Tuesday, bringing back on-the-job outer space construction data and samples of a hormone purified in the zero gravity of outer space that could benefit millions of blood disease sufferers. Commander Brewster Shaw and co-pilot Bryan O'Connor brought the shuttle to a gentle touchdown one minute ahead of schedule at 1:33 p.m.
March 10, 1985
The Army Corps of Engineers' Sacramento District has awarded a $2.2-million renovation contract to Interarc, the interior design division of Widom/Wein & Partners, for the physical science laboratories at Edwards Air Force Base that will be used by the Air Force Rocket Propulsion Laboratories.
January 17, 1985
About 160 people were evacuated from an area at the F-16 test site at Edwards Air Force Base Wednesday when a gallon of toxic hydrazine fuel leaked out of a storage tank, authorities reported. Although 19 of the evacuees were taken to the base hospital for observation, there did not appear to be any serious aftereffects, Sgt. Lorri Wray reported.
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