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June 5, 1999 | STEVE HARVEY
When Earl Schuman joined the 2121 Seniors in Commercials class offered by the city of L.A., he never dreamed he'd get the chance to kiss a cow. But he got to do just that in a TV spot aired by a national dairy organization (see photo). Schuman's teacher, Adrienne Omansky, has helped several seniors win on-camera roles by sending their classroom tapes to local ad agencies (information: [323] 931-1026). In the dairy commercial, Schuman, 83, was teamed up with a much younger female named Elsie.
July 4, 2000 | STEVE HARVEY
Lately this column has discussed how some patients facing arm or leg surgery use a felt pen to designate "Yes" on the part being operated on and "No" on the healthy part. Well, Hal Landy of Woodland Hills says his HMO recently advised him to make such markings. " Trouble was," Landy said, "my operation was on the prostate."
September 22, 2004 | Steve Harvey, Steve Harvey can be reached at (800) LATimes, Ext. 77083, by fax at (213) 237-4712, by mail at Metro, L.A. Times, 202 W. 1st St., L.A. 90012, and by e-mail at
A Dodgers-Giants pennant fight only intensifies the bad feelings between El Lay and Ess Eff, as the late San Francisco columnist Herb Caen used to call the cities. Which makes this the perfect time to stock up on the insults compiled by Jon Winokur in "The War Between the State -- Northern California vs. Southern California." Here, for example, are comments by some observers who did not leave their hearts in cable-car land: * "The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco."
November 16, 2006 | David A. Keeps, Times Staff Writer
JUST so you know, F*art stands for Functional Art, according to owners Steve Cindoyan and Karina Macias. "We pronounce it Eff Art," says Macias, who isn't bothered by alternate pronunciations. "Shopping should be fun, not an intimidating chore." After noting a lack of design destinations in their booming Eagle Rock neighborhood and growing tired of trekking to museum stores, the partners opened their doors as "a gift shop for people who gift themselves."
April 29, 2007 | Sandy Banks, Times Staff Writer
First Lady Laura Bush had a hard act to follow Saturday when she delivered the commencement speech at Pepperdine University's graduation ceremony. Preceding her was a student speaker -- graduating senior Christine E. Li, an intercultural communication major from Santa Monica -- who cried, and moved parents and fellow grads to tears, as she lauded classmates' "incredible capacity to love."
Age: 43 Accomplishments: Founded Lotus Development Corp. Co-founded the to promote free and open communications in the digital world. Education: Bachelor's from Yale College, with interdisciplinary major in cybernetics. Master's in psychology from Beacon College. Interests: Eastern religion, reading, mountain biking on Martha's Vineyard Family: Kapor and his wife, Ellen Poss, a psychiatrist, have a young daughter and son. They live in Brookline, Mass.
January 28, 2001 | JONATHAN LEVI, Jonathan Levi is a contributing writer to Book Review
The novelist, like the cowboy, is a lover of wide empty spaces. Memoirists tend to fill gaps in personal history and understanding with slabs of vengeance. Historians plug the disjunctions between conflicting newspaper accounts and other documents with an amalgam of probability and logic. But the rootless novelist, tethered to reality only by language, is master in the land of the unknown.
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