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August 25, 1995
Silence is golden, or in this case at least, green. El Segundo residents either will have to pay now for 20% of the cost to insulate their homes against the roaring noise of Los Angeles Airport, or wait in hopes that city and airport officials reach an agreement that would allow residents to pay nothing. But that could take years, said Harvey Holden, El Segundo's airport projects administrator.
December 1, 1995
Four South Bay police departments have received a $150,000 federal grant intended to help improve communication between the station dispatch and officers in the field. Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, El Segundo and Torrance police departments will each outfit four cars with the Automatic Vehicle Location System. The satellite-based system will enable dispatchers to locate the car in the field that is closest to a crime scene or emergency, including cruisers from other departments.
June 25, 1988 | TIM WATERS, Times Staff Writer
El Segundo officials, fed up with noisy aircraft taking off from Los Angeles International Airport and flying over their city's homes instead of the ocean, are preparing to send pilots a nasty message from the ground up. One message being considered: "Turn at the Coastline, Stupid." The El Segundo City Council has voted to send a letter to the chief pilots of about 80 passenger airlines operating out of LAX.
February 5, 1989 | TIM WATERS, Times Staff Writer
Score one for El Segundo in its war against noisy planes that take off from Los Angeles International Airport and, according to city officials and residents, fly over the community. Federal Aviation Administration officials say that under a new policy effective by early April, air traffic controllers will tell pilots not to turn their aircraft until they are a mile out over the ocean. At present, pilots are permitted to turn when they reach the shoreline.
July 20, 2004 | From Wire Reports
The results of an autopsy on the body of Julia "Deede" Buchanan Keller has been ordered sealed by the Sheriff's Department, the San Diego County medical examiner said. Keller, 54, disappeared July 8. Her body was found in her car's trunk in San Diego.
December 28, 2007 | Peter Pae, Times Staff Writer
Boeing Co.'s satellite-making complex in El Segundo got a much-needed boost last week when it won a U.S. government contract potentially worth $1.2 billion. The NASA contract, though not huge by industry standards, marked a major milestone for a company recovering from a $1-billion debacle that led to 3,000 job cuts.
August 5, 1995
Residents of El Segundo have had it with jet traffic from Los Angeles International Airport illegally flying over their town, so they're going to shine a light on the problem. Next Thursday, the city plans to shoot a searchlight straight up from its westernmost boundary to show pilots exactly where the city limits are. The hope is that pilots will stop making early turns after takeoff. "They're going to know exactly where we are," said City Manager Jim Morrison.
October 6, 1988
The El Segundo City Council has decided to create a sign from rocks to send a message to noisy aircraft that take off from Los Angeles International Airport and turn over the city before reaching the coastline. Council members voted 3 to 2 Tuesday to spend $4,500 to buy enough white decorative rock to lay a sign--visible from the air--that will read: "Unsafe Area For Jets." The message will be spelled out in 12-foot letters.
December 23, 1988 | TIM WATERS, Times Staff Writer
El Segundo has delivered a holiday greeting to errant pilots who fly noisy aircraft over the community after taking off from nearby Los Angeles International Airport. Following through on an earlier threat, city officials this week erected giant, plywood letters--visible from the air--that read "UNSAFE AREA FOR JETS." The idea is to unnerve passengers and deter pilots who snub airport policy and fly over the community of 15,000. Floodlights will illuminate the letters at night.
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