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Election Issues

November 6, 2012 | By Mitchell Landsberg, Los Angeles Times
In one Florida county, voters were wrongly told they could vote the day after the election. In storm-racked New Jersey, emergency plans to allow email voting proved too popular for election officials to handle. In Pennsylvania and Ohio, a variety of problems raised questions about the integrity of the vote. Although most Americans cast ballots without incident Tuesday, there were enough glitches to cause concern among voting rights activists and to provide work for some of the thousands of lawyers who were standing by, representing parties, candidates and nonpartisan voter advocacy groups.
February 20, 2000
Merger, merger, merger . . . there is an election coming and that's all it's really about. Will Supervisor Kathy Long and associates convince the public that there is no problem? She is making campaign statements like "I will make sure that expenses do not overrun revenues." What about the merger of mental health and social services? Did that one slip by her or is it true that no one told her? She pushed it and voted for it but it's everyone else's fault. There is now a great deal of election spin about how everything is OK. Well, it is not OK. There was one outsider who spotted the problems immediately.
November 26, 2000
Re "Bush Takes His Case to the U.S. Supreme Court," Nov. 23: Was it a dream or did the United States actually get turned upside down? The Republican George W. Bush campaign has asked for the U.S. Supreme Court to tell the state of Florida what to do regarding the Florida election vote counts, while the Democratic Al Gore campaign plans to defend the state of Florida's right to manage its own affairs. If our country isn't upside down, it's apparent that the two parties have had a reversal of historical political philosophy with regard to the issue of states' rights.
March 21, 1989 | RICH CONNELL, Times Staff Writer
Seeking to cast doubt on his opponent's claims of political independence, Westside Los Angeles school board candidate Mark Slavkin on Monday challenged incumbent Alan Gershman to reveal the names of hundreds of small campaign contributors. Gershman refused, saying the demand was "another example of Slavkin's smear tactics" and that disclosure of smaller donors' names could expose them to harassment from the district teachers' union, which has targeted Gershman for defeat.
September 27, 1996 | FRANK MESSINA
In this affluent community of 52,000, it could cost almost a dollar per citizen to win one of three City Council seats up for grabs in November. The price tag to compete could reach as high as $35,000. Although a trifling sum for a state or federal election, the high cost of winning a local council seat that pays $600 per month is being criticized by candidates who are planning more modest campaigns.
August 17, 1990
So Wilson is being challenged by Feinstein to vote against the confirmation of Souter if Souter isn't a firm proponent of abortion rights. If justices are to be placed on the court according to their stance on this one issue, can we say Feinstein would fully support Souter if he was a proponent of abortion rights, yet legally inept? Would she have a pro-choice court, even if the justices couldn't tie their own shoelaces? PETER LEFEVRE Huntington Beach
August 17, 1986
Two issues will be put before Long Beach voters on the November ballot--citywide election of a full-time mayor and district elections of school board members--and it is my hope that the handful of people who show up at the polls soundly defeat both propositions. If these were "up" times I am sure that I would feel differently about both causes, but we are in "down" times if, in fact, we have not achieved "advanced collapse"; and history teaches that arbitrarily taking things apart when one is not in a position of ascendancy only invites trouble.
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