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Elections 2006

February 24, 2006 | Michael Finnegan, Times Staff Writer
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger faces dismal poll ratings, an empty campaign treasury, a peeved Republican base and other troubles as his new political team plots his campaign for a second term. The governor has yet to recover from his November special-election debacle, which squandered more than $45 million of his campaign money and drew a withering ad assault from organized labor. Adding to his difficulties is the poor national political climate for Republicans.
March 23, 2006 | George Skelton
We still can't be sure whether a promise made by Democratic legislative leaders last year was sincere or merely sweet talk in the heat of passion. Was it a real commitment? Or just that all's fair in politics? This was the promise, you may recall: If voters would reject Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's political redistricting reform -- stripping lawmakers of the power to draw their own district lines -- the Legislature would place a better measure on the 2006 ballot.
March 1, 2006 | From Bloomberg News
The AFL-CIO plans to spend a record $40 million in an attempt to unseat Republicans in this year's congressional elections, the labor federation's president said Monday. The money will fund a campaign to educate and mobilize 11.4 million members of union households in 21 states. It won't be used for campaign contributions, AFL-CIO President John Sweeney said at a news conference in San Diego, where the group is holding an executive council meeting.
March 1, 2006 | From Times Staff and Wire Reports
Orange County voters will decide June 6 whether to prohibit the county from using eminent domain to acquire land for private commercial development, the Board of Supervisors agreed Tuesday. The action came in response to a U.S. Supreme Court decision in June asserting the right of governments to appropriate private property, compensate the owner and use the land for private purposes.
March 9, 2006 | Michael Finnegan, Times Staff Writer
The California Labor Federation vowed Wednesday to put its political forces to work for state Treasurer Phil Angelides in the Democratic primary for governor, but stopped short of pledging the sort of huge television ad campaign that unions waged last year against Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. With more than 2 million members, the federation provides a major new source of support for Angelides in his battle against Democratic rival Steve Westly, the state controller.
March 25, 2006 | Michael Finnegan, Times Staff Writer
After visiting schools in Fresno, Oakland and Los Angeles this week, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger pleaded his case Friday in a classroom in this San Diego suburb, pivoting firmly toward education as he seeks to retool his reelection campaign.
January 30, 2006 | From Times Staff Reports
The California Teachers Assn. on Saturday endorsed state Treasurer Phil Angelides in the Democratic primary for governor, offering a big boost to his campaign against rival Steve Westly, the state controller. The union is expected to spend millions of dollars this year in an effort to unseat Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, and some of that money now could be put behind Angelides' bid for the Democratic nomination.
November 6, 2006 | George Skelton
No use waiting for the victor to be crowned to assess his dazzling triumph -- or the victim to expire before conducting a post-mortem. California's one-sided contest for governor was decided weeks ago, based on polls and any clear-eyed glance at the race. The dissecting is easy. A post-mortem -- especially this one -- isn't brain surgery. We've just witnessed a brilliant comeback by a governor who, only a year ago, seemed to have one foot in the political grave.
November 6, 2006
Tuesday is election day. Your polling place is printed on the back of the sample ballot that was mailed to you. You can also find it by visiting www.ocvote.comor by calling (714) 567-7600. All polling places will be open 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesday. Early voting is no longer available to Orange County voters, and the deadline for registering to vote has passed. The Orange County registrar of voters office is at 1300 S. Grand Ave., Building C, Santa Ana, CA 92705.
November 6, 2006 | Michael Finnegan and Seema Mehta, Times Staff Writers
Candidates dashed across California on Sunday in a final burst of campaigning at churches, restaurants and rallies as thousands of volunteers besieged voters with phone calls and front-porch pleas for support in Tuesday's election. Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and his Democratic challenger, state Treasurer Phil Angelides, crossed paths midday at an Inland Empire memorial for firefighters killed in the Esperanza fire last month in Riverside County.
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