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April 17, 2013
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November 7, 2009 | Robyn Dixon
Here's how to pitch this (true) story to Hollywood: Ordinary guy named John, ordinary Sunday, cycling home into a setting sun. Monster roars out of the bushes! John abandons his bike, flees in terror. The creature smashes the bicycle, catches him in a few short strides, grabs him by the shirt. But he slides out of his shirt and falls to the ground. It picks him up again and he slips out of his trousers. Naked, too afraid to even to scream, he scrambles away. But he doesn't get far. The shrieking monster smashes him against a tree.
December 25, 1991 | Associated Press
An enraged elephant, depressed and aggressive since watching her newborn calf die two months ago, attacked a zookeeper, breaking his collarbone and four ribs, the zoo said. "It was like a bolt of lightning, it all happened so fast," Red Bayer, assistant manager of the Houston Zoological Gardens, said.
October 23, 2013 | By Carla Hall
The Los Angeles City Council smartly - and unanimously - passed a ban Wednesday on the use of bullhooks to manage elephants in performances and exhibitions in the city. Not only does the ban prohibit the sharp-edged fire-poker-like device that trainers use as a tool of coercion to get the elephants to do what they want, it also bans any implement (baseball bats, ax handles, etc.) that would be similarly used to prod, poke or strike an elephant and inflict pain. The vote was 14 to 0. Councilman Jose Huizar was not present.
February 7, 2008 | From the Associated Press
Officials say a baby elephant at San Diego's Wild Animal Park recently diagnosed with an antibiotic-resistant staph infection was euthanized because of multiple health problems. Park spokeswoman Christina Simmons said the infection was not the reason behind Monday's euthanasia of the 2-month-old elephant. She said the elephant calf had a compromised immune system and was malnourished. Complications from birth prevented the mother elephant from feeding the calf, and park staff tried to raise the calf by hand-feeding, Simmons said.
February 22, 1993 | Associated Press
An elephant whose calf was knocked down by a locomotive blocked the next train that passed and pummeled the engine until it could no longer run. After banging her forehead against the engine for 15 minutes, the elephant walked off into the jungle, leaving about 200 passengers stranded for more than five hours, the Ittefaq newspaper reported Sunday. The extent of the calf's injuries was not known. The incident occurred Friday evening at Vanugach.
December 2, 1989 | United Press International
An elephant that recently underwent a historic Cesarean section was destroyed Friday night when veterinarians determined a raging infection was incurable, said officials at the San Diego Wild Animal Park. Veterinary surgeons operated on Jean again when the animal did not respond to treatment. They discovered a ruptured uterus and a severe infection. When surgeons were unable to remove the uterus, they decided to give the elephant a lethal dose of anesthetic.
December 16, 1987 | Associated Press
Peter, an African elephant who zoo officials here said was the largest land animal in North America, died Monday at Lion Country Safari, a spokesman said. The 23-year-old animal tipped the scales at 13,780 pounds.
December 2, 2008 | Carla Hall
The City Council's Budget and Finance Committee voted 3 to 2 Monday to recommend that the city stop construction on the Los Angeles Zoo's $42-million elephant exhibit. "This has not been a very easy decision," said Councilman Bernard Parks, the committee's chairman. The zoo has already spent $12 million from a mix of public and private sources. Councilman Tony Cardenas recently offered a motion to halt construction, saying the exhibit would not be big enough for the huge creatures to thrive.
April 20, 1993 | Reuters
A bull elephant killed Sam Fourie, 35, the head of the anti-poaching unit at South Africa's Kruger National Park, the park's executive director said Monday.
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