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October 4, 2010 | By Eric Sondheimer
The Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange, acting on behalf of Santa Ana Mater Dei High, has filed a civil suit in Santa Ana Superior Court alleging that the CIF Southern Section has "applied rules relating to the eligibility of student-athletes at Mater Dei unfairly and inconsistently," according to diocese spokesman Ryan Lilyengren. The suit, filed Sept. 29, states that the Southern Section "has consistently, intentionally and systematically engaged in arbitrary and discriminatory actions against Mater Dei by issuing and enforcing unsupported and erroneous findings and rulings relating to eligibility of student athletes at Mater Dei. " This school year, the Southern Section declared ineligible a top water polo player who transferred to Mater Dei from Newport Harbor, and also a linebacker who transferred from a school in Connecticut.
Helping Gov. Gray Davis make good on a campaign promise, the UC Board of Regents today is expected to approve new admission rules that guarantee a seat for high school students who rank in the top 4% of their class. The regents' education policy subcommittee Thursday recommended the new rules, which are considered certain to pass the full board today.
August 22, 2010
The Hall truthas a morality play Roger Clemens has a lot more to worry about than the Hall of Fame these days, what with his recent perjury indictment and all. But if the Rocket is found guilty of lying about his use of performance-enhancing drugs, it could make the balloting for the Hall class of 2013 a watershed moment in baseball history. Voters have made their disgust of the steroid era apparent in the case of Mark McGwire , who broke the season-single home run record and retired with 583 homers, then fifth on the all-time list.
September 30, 2013 | By Eric Sondheimer
 Los Angeles Sotomayor, a first-year varsity football program, is 4-0 on the field but 1-3 officially because of forfeits from ineligible players. Parents, players and coaches continue trying to clean up eligibility issues. First-year Coach Danny Castro is most upset with the sudden ineligibility of standout running back Rudy Murillo, who attended South Pasadena and Verdugo Hills last year. "I don't know what to think," Castro said. "The kid is a role model as an athlete and student.
September 27, 2001 | From Associated Press
Medicare will soon begin paying for thousands of Americans who take the blood thinner Coumadin to use an at-home test to ensure the drug is working properly, the government announced Wednesday. But at least for now, the payments will be restricted for patients who use Coumadin, or the generic version called warfarin, because they have artificial heart valves. That's a small segment of the 1.8 million Americans who take warfarin for various medical conditions.
March 4, 2013
The 2010 healthcare reform law has three interlocking goals: to expand insurance coverage, improve the quality of care and slow the rise of healthcare spending. The first goal is the costliest, requiring federal and state governments to extend public and private insurance plans to millions of people who can't afford to pay the full price. Yet bringing them under the insurance umbrella is crucial to improving the quality, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of their care. The law tries to expand coverage in part by having states sign up more impoverished legal residents for Medicaid, the federal-state healthcare program for the poor.
January 27, 1990
Rodney Hampton, Georgia's third-leading career rusher, said he will skip his final season of eligibility to enter the NFL draft.
June 19, 1997 | SHELBY GRAD
More than 800 people who now receive indigent medical care from the county would become ineligible for the program under tightened eligibility rules proposed by the Orange County Health Care Agency. The stricter rules, which the Board of Supervisors will consider next week, are required under the terms of federal welfare reform and would affect about 3% of the 28,000 people who receive the health-care benefits.
November 9, 1985 | JOHANNES TESSELAAR, Times Staff Writer
The last of several Montclair Prep football players whose athletic eligibility had been questioned has been cleared following an investigation by the CIF Southern Section, the school's principal and a Southern Section official said Friday. Bill Huston, a transfer from Chatsworth, was given approval to continue playing football, Montclair Principal V.E. Simpson said. The eligibility of seven or eight other players had been approved three weeks ago.
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