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September 27, 2001 | From Associated Press
Medicare will soon begin paying for thousands of Americans who take the blood thinner Coumadin to use an at-home test to ensure the drug is working properly, the government announced Wednesday. But at least for now, the payments will be restricted for patients who use Coumadin, or the generic version called warfarin, because they have artificial heart valves. That's a small segment of the 1.8 million Americans who take warfarin for various medical conditions.
January 27, 1990
Rodney Hampton, Georgia's third-leading career rusher, said he will skip his final season of eligibility to enter the NFL draft.
June 19, 1997 | SHELBY GRAD
More than 800 people who now receive indigent medical care from the county would become ineligible for the program under tightened eligibility rules proposed by the Orange County Health Care Agency. The stricter rules, which the Board of Supervisors will consider next week, are required under the terms of federal welfare reform and would affect about 3% of the 28,000 people who receive the health-care benefits.
November 9, 1985 | JOHANNES TESSELAAR, Times Staff Writer
The last of several Montclair Prep football players whose athletic eligibility had been questioned has been cleared following an investigation by the CIF Southern Section, the school's principal and a Southern Section official said Friday. Bill Huston, a transfer from Chatsworth, was given approval to continue playing football, Montclair Principal V.E. Simpson said. The eligibility of seven or eight other players had been approved three weeks ago.
July 15, 1995
Since USC apparently leads the nation in athletes who fail to achieve satisfactory scores on their SAT or ACT exams, perhaps USC should change its name to Forrest Gump U. JACK ALLEN Pacific Palisades A quick reading of the July 13 article (New USC Entrance Test Problem) may create some confusion about how student-athletes are certified for NCAA competition. The NCAA Initial Eligibility Clearinghouse was established in 1994 to assist member institutions by establishing prospective students' eligibility for athletic competition.
April 29, 1989
Sports agent David Lueddeke, who pleaded guilty to perjury and obstruction of justice charges, was sentenced to 26 months in prison and fined $10,000. Lueddeke of Calabasas, Calif., was accused of soliciting college athletes to sign representation contracts before their eligibility had expired. Under Friday's order by U.S. District Judge Ann Williams, Lueddeke will be barred from working in the sports agent business for three years from the time he leaves jail, said FBI agent George Randolph.
August 29, 1992
For the third day in a row, The Times sports section has placed the same Demetrius DuBose eligibility story on the front page, with only minor day-to-day modifications. In a quest for a scent of scandal at Notre Dame, do I detect overkill? Let's be honest. There is no university in the country more dedicated to following NCAA eligibility rules (and to graduating its athletes) than Notre Dame. I'm used to seeing an anti-Catholic bias in other parts of the paper, but now the sports section?
May 9, 1987
Football player Reggie Rogers of the University of Washington filed a lawsuit Friday against two agents who, he claims, fraudulently gave him money before his college eligibility ended. Rogers, a defensive end who was the first-round choice of the Detroit Lions in the recent National Football League draft, filed the suit in Sacramento Superior Court against Norby Walters and G. Patrick Healy. Rogers is seeking $1.4 million in damages from Walters and $1.3 million from Healy.
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