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November 22, 1998
Re Joseph M. Garcia's letter about Rep. Elton Gallegly not "getting it" with regard to how the country feels about the Republican attempt to impeach President Clinton. There is good reason for this. Rep. Gallegly either does not read his constituents' mail or he chooses to ignore it. On Sept. 22, I wrote Rep. Gallegly a letter stating that "I am tired of it [the current congressional activities on impeachment] and so is the vast majority of our citizenry. Someone of stature has to have the fortitude to stand up and just say that.
May 27, 2003 | From Associated Press
G-stings and feathers replaced the usual staid gray suits and power ties at Vienna City Hall as Elton John took the stage for the Austrian capital's annual Life Ball to benefit AIDS charities. John dedicated "For the Boy in the Red Shoes" to a friend who died of AIDS, but the mood was far from somber as the event rollicked into the early hours Sunday. Thousands of guests streamed in and out of the massive neo-Gothic building, clad in everything from tuxedoes to little more than body paint.
September 27, 2000
I'd like to thank Rep. Elton Gallegly (R-Simi Valley) for voting to repeal the marriage tax and to override President Clinton's veto. My wife and I are tired of paying more than our fair share of taxes, and we're glad our congressman is on our side. It's too bad the liberals believe only they know how to help people and that the working families of our nation shouldn't be allowed to keep more of their hard-earned money. When so many religions and cultures venerate the institution of marriage, which is so important to the raising of solid adults and citizens for the future, the fact that our governmental institutions seem determined to punish rather than reward marriage in our tax code is disappointing.
September 7, 1997
I like the cool and heft of it, dull metal on the palm, And the click, the hiss, the spark fuming into flame, Boldface of fire, the rage and sway of it, raw blue at the base And a slope of gold, a touch to the packed tobacco, the tip Turned red as a warning light, blown brighter by the breath, The pull and the pump of it, and the paper's white Smoothed now to ash as the smoke draws back, drawn down To the black crust of lungs, tar and poisons in the pink, And the blood sorting it out, veins
April 18, 1985 | MORGAN GENDEL, Times Staff Writer
Elton Rule agrees with Irving Berlin's musical dictum "There's no business like show business." The problem is, as takeover fever hits the television industry, not to throw out the show when acquiring the business. Rule, former president of ABC Inc.--soon to be Capital Cities/ABC Inc.
February 17, 2006 | From Associated Press
Elton John accepted an undisclosed financial settlement Thursday of a libel lawsuit against the Sunday Times of London. His lawyer, Hanna Basha, said in court that the newspaper had repeated a false rumor last June that the rocker acted in a self-important, arrogant and rude manner by telling guests at a fundraising ball not to address him unless spoken to. Times Newspapers Ltd. said it had agreed to pay damages to John, who will donate the funds to the Elton John AIDS Foundation.
February 22, 2006 | From Associated Press
Celine Dion and Elton John sang together for the first time at a Las Vegas benefit to raise money for Harrah's Entertainment Inc. workers affected by last year's hurricanes. The pair, who sang duets of "Sorry" and "Saturday Night" before a packed Colosseum at Caesars Palace on Monday night, also were joined by Jerry Seinfeld to raise $2.1 million for about 8,000 casino workers in the Gulf Coast region. The money came on top of $4.
March 4, 2004 | From Associated Press
Don't start shopping for a wedding gift for Elton John just yet. The singer said that, while he supports same-sex marriage, reports are untrue that he plans to wed his longtime partner, David Furnish. "David and I are in favor of gay marriage but have no plans to get married," John said in a statement Wednesday. From Associated Press
January 6, 1987 | United Press International
British rock star Elton John underwent exploratory surgery today to discover the cause of a throat ailment that forced him to interrupt a concert tour but doctors said results will not be know for several days. "Mr. John is resting comfortably," a spokeswoman for St. Vincent's Private Hospital said. "The surgery was successful and went well and Mr. John has recovered well."
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