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Elvis Grbac

September 18, 1998 | LISA DILLMAN
Would Mike Shanahan actually order one of his players to throw a ball . . . well, in the direction of Raider owner Al Davis? Legend has it this happened on Sept. 5, 1994. Elvis Grbac, now with Kansas City, told the New York Times that the Denver Broncos' coach, then the San Francisco 49ers' offensive coordinator, suggested he take a shot at Davis on the sideline during pregame warmups at Candlestick Park.
March 25, 1997 | MAL FLORENCE
Joe Posanski of the Kansas City Star isn't impressed that the Chiefs have signed quarterback Elvis Grbac, the former 49er. Posanski wrote that in San Francisco, Grbac looked good mainly because he was throwing to Jerry Rice. "It was the Joe Piscopo illusion. Joe Piscopo was funny when he was with Eddie Murphy and other 'Saturday Night Live' people. "Then he went solo, and next thing you knew he was peddling weight-gaining chemicals on the Prime Sports Network."
March 2, 2002 | From Associated Press
Elvis Grbac, signed a year ago to upgrade the Baltimore Raven offense, was released by the team Friday as it continued its purge of veterans. Grbac, who left the Kansas City Chiefs as a free agent last March to sign a five-year, $30-million deal with the Ravens, decided to leave the team rather than accept a restructured contract. He would have received a $6-million bonus if he had been on Baltimore's roster as of 1 p.m. Friday.
November 13, 1996 | T.J. SIMERS, TIMES STAFF WRITER
Elvis Grbac, distressed by the recent surgery of his nine-month-old son and unable to lead San Francisco past Dallas in relief of Steve Young on Sunday, has one 49er fan particularly peeved. The mayor of San Francisco. "This guy Grbac is an embarrassment to humankind," Mayor Willie Brown said Tuesday. Good thing the Cowboys didn't intercept one of Grbac's passes in overtime and return it for a touchdown--no telling what His Honor might have said.
November 25, 2001 | MIKE PENNER
When it comes to Elvises (Elvi?), I have always been a Costello man, as opposed to Baltimore Raven Coach Brian Billick, who spent $30 million last off-season to cast his lot with Grbac, and we know where that got him. I can feel Billick's pain, however. I, too, have been burned by Elvis, shelling out for Costello's 1991 dud, the ironically titled "Mighty Like A Rose." That's $13.99 I'll never get back. And, frankly, when it comes to the current state of Elvi (Elvises?
November 20, 1996 | PETER H. KING
Football no doubt has ended more than a few honeymoons. It must be an unsettling experience, that first Sunday when the bride discovers her dashing, tuxedoed groom transformed into a T-shirted slob, sunk into the sofa, shouting commands at helmeted figures at play on the television screen: Get rid of the ball! Watch out for the linebacker! Don't throw it there! And so it has come to pass for San Francisco and its new mayor, Willie Lewis Brown Jr.
Another spooky three hours. Another hushed crowd. Another gouging of another Super Bowl contender. Late Monday night, amid the trash and echoes rolling around near-empty Joe Robbie Stadium, one thing became frighteningly obvious about the San Francisco 49ers. Elvis isn't the only one who lives. So does the 49er mystique after their 44-20 victory over the Miami Dolphins at Joe Robbie Stadium. "Call this Shock the World II," said Jesse Sapolu, 49er guard.
September 21, 1989 | JERRY CROWE, Times Staff Writer
To answer the first question that just about everybody asks him , Elvis Grbac was not named after the king of rock 'n' roll. Nor was his brother named after Engelbert Humperdinck. Elvis and Engelbert are just common names in Yugoslavia, says a bemused Grbac, whose parents emigrated to the Midwest 20 years ago not from Las Vegas, but from the Alpine village of Istra near the Italian border. As far back as he can remember, however, Grbac has been asked about his given name.
November 7, 1997 | T.J. SIMERS
The Chiefs are one game away from their showdown with the Denver Broncos in Arrowhead Stadium, but must hang on now with Rich Gannon as their starting quarterback. Elvis Grbac, who had been the focus of Coach Marty Schottenheimer's discovery of the forward pass, broke his collarbone against the Steelers. The Jaguars, who had their own troubles at quarterback after early injuries to Mark Brunell and Rob Johnson, appear to have righted themselves, although they will be without tackle Tony Boselli.
December 25, 1998
That loud noise you hear is booing in Kansas City. "He'll be back next season, and he is the quarterback of the future of the Kansas City Chiefs," Coach Marty Schottenheimer said. "I believe in Elvis Grbac. I think he can be a winning quarterback in this league." The Broncos have played four poor games in a row, losing the last two, and while most teams are thinking about resting the final week, Denver needs to find itself before going into the playoffs.
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