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January 14, 1989
The late Andy Kaufman's tribute/parody should have buried the others-as-Elvis shtick forever, so the Orange County Performing Arts Center's (coming) "Elvis: A Musical Celebration," featuring three actor versions of the King, is an unnecessary and puzzling presentation. By digging up the bloated corpse of Elvis while ignoring the vital contributions of living contemporary musicians, the "Arts Center" reveals itself to be nothing but cold concrete anchored in mud. Only an inventive, diverse booking policy recognizing fine talents such as Celia Cruz, John Lee Hooker, Public Enemy, Yellowman, 3 Mustaphas 3, Eddie Palmieri, Kassav, B-H Surfers, Dwight Yoakam, Black Stalin, Flaco Jimenez, Jane's Addiction, Alpha Blondie, Pancho Sanchez, and Beausoleil--to name a few--will bring much-needed credibility (and patrons)
March 11, 1989
To Randy Lewis: How does it feel to be the Patrick Henry of the LP revolution? ("For the Record, CDs Are a Music Industry Scam," Calendar, Feb. 26). Picture this scenario: Gangs of disaffected music lovers seize shipments of CDs and dump them into Newport Bay while shouting untimely slogans--"Give me LPs or give me death! A CD without an LP is tyranny! Look, it's Elvis!" Well, maybe not Elvis. But listen, Don Quixote breath, your column is swell. Keep us posted. RON BRUNO Huntington Beach
November 8, 2005
"THE Rolling Stones surrendered their 'world's greatest rock 'n' roll band' title long ago to U2." Are you serious? Or did mommy and daddy not give enough attention to you as a child? What is next -- Elvis was overrated? SCOTT LAIRD Cleveland, Ohio
June 9, 1987 | CHRIS WILLMAN
Moving from New York to Los Angeles can have certain advantages when you're a musician. You can turn the trip into a tour, as Peter Holsapple--the lead singer of the dB's--did in recent weeks, turning his coast-to-coast sojourn into a solo club jaunt across America.
September 25, 2005
Although I enjoyed Monica Parcell's piece on cooking versus baking, I was struck by her comment that the Germans "have the most magnificent pastry-making tradition in the world" ("Elvis Vs. the Beatles," Style, Sept. 11). In my experience, the best strudel is Austrian and the best baked goods are French. (And I'll take the Beatles.) Roxane Winkler Sherman Oaks
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