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November 8, 2005
"THE Rolling Stones surrendered their 'world's greatest rock 'n' roll band' title long ago to U2." Are you serious? Or did mommy and daddy not give enough attention to you as a child? What is next -- Elvis was overrated? SCOTT LAIRD Cleveland, Ohio
September 25, 2005
Although I enjoyed Monica Parcell's piece on cooking versus baking, I was struck by her comment that the Germans "have the most magnificent pastry-making tradition in the world" ("Elvis Vs. the Beatles," Style, Sept. 11). In my experience, the best strudel is Austrian and the best baked goods are French. (And I'll take the Beatles.) Roxane Winkler Sherman Oaks
February 28, 1988
Thank you CBS, NBC and ABC for showing "Windmills of the Gods," "Rambo: First Blood, Part 2" and "Elvis and Me" opposite one another at 9 p.m. on Feb. 7. Which one did I watch? None of them. I decided not to worry about which to watch and read a book instead. That's what I will continue to do. Thanks again! Evelyn L. Teeling, Los Angeles
November 22, 1987
I'm confused. What's rock 'n' roll anyway? When does it begin and when does it end? Is a fat Elvis doing Vegas rock 'n' roll? If and when Springsteen decides to do "Hollywood Squares," would that be a rock 'n' roll statement? Is Yoko Ono a rock 'n' roll beginner or the definitive figure? Do journalists really need yet another label for popular music? Unpopular music? PAM BATON Palos Verdes
September 3, 2010
The warm and charming "White Wedding" is like "The Hangover" off steroids. It's another get-me-to-the-church-on-time obstacle course but filled with smart social commentary, romantic wisdom, credible complications and memorable characters. Along the way, director Jann Turner (who co-wrote the script with the film's co-leads Kenneth Nkosi and Rapulana Seiphemo) provides an absorbing physical and cultural snapshot of contemporary South Africa that deepens but never burdens this buoyant, energetic effort.
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