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Empty Seats

June 29, 1986 | Associated Press
It's a little early to compare the resurgent San Francisco Giants to the Miracle Mets of 1969, but look at the standings. It's the end of June, nearly midseason, and the Giants have been at or near the top of the National League West every step of the way. When was the last time an NL team lost 100 games or finished in the cellar one year and won a pennant the next? Hint: It wasn't the New York Mets, who finished next-to-last in 1968. Answer: It never happened.
October 30, 2010 | T.J. Simers
I am just so proud of our terrible team. I can't believe I almost skipped this contest to go to the Oregon- USC game. Talk about inspiring. As crummy as the UCLA Bruins have been this season, they deserve so much credit for not getting blown out again. They can actually tell their friends this week ? because most everyone wasn't at the Rose Bowl on Saturday ? they came within a touchdown and a two-point conversion of tying Arizona. Arizona goes home thinking it probably lost, beating a crummy team like UCLA by so little.
April 6, 2009 | KURT STREETER
Here sits the great baseball sage Jose Canseco, dressed in a black hat and a black motorcycle jacket, slumped in a folding chair in a small room just off the main stage at USC's Bovard Auditorium. It is Friday night and he is minutes from giving a talk about his life in baseball: the rise and fall, the steroids, his knowledge of who injected what and his speculation about current players -- even, it turns out, Manny Ramirez.
November 24, 2002 | Amanda Jones, Special to The Times
I can't hope to compete with hard-core journalists when it comes to tales of front lines, terrorists, drug lords, pestilence, natural disasters, marauding beasts and psychopathic guides. My stories are feeble by comparison. I've only ever imperiled myself through blind gullibility, outright stupidity or the overconsumption of alcohol -- whether it was me or someone else doing the imbibing.
July 7, 1986 | JOHN J. GOLDMAN and ELIZABETH MEHREN, Times Staff Writers
The Statue of Liberty's centennial weekend ended Sunday with glitz and glitter but also with disappointing crowds at two performances across the Hudson River from Manhattan. Marching bands and drill teams, Hollywood stars, gymnasts, ice skaters, gospel singers, fiddlers, 200 Elvis Presley imitators--a cast of more than 8,000 from every state--performed at the show business finale at Giants Stadium here. "We're going to have glitz tonight," show producer David L.
Now is the winter of their discontent, made the more forlorn by the forecast that it's going to be a long one. The hawk still blows cold off Lake Michigan but the Bulls, the last American sports dynasty, and the only one this place ever knew, are gone, returning one by one as members of someone else's team, like Phil Jackson with the Lakers tonight. Every day, it seems, brings a new indignity. The Bulls start this, their second season of rebuilding, 2-26.
October 27, 1985 | HILLIARD HARPER, San Diego County Arts Writer
San Diego Symphony, SYMPHONY HALL. In 1984, the San Diego Symphony Orchestra was practically bankrupt. But on Saturday, the symphony will celebrate the opening of its new multimillion-dollar home and the kickoff of an exciting new season. This week, the people and events that came together to save the symphony will be profiled in articles in Part II, View and Calendar.
September 27, 1987
We went to see "Big River" at the stunning new Performing Arts Center and thoroughly enjoyed the spectacle, the acoustics and the lush splendor of the theater. However, it is deplorable that half the seats were unoccupied. I asked an attendant, and she verified my guess. Of course it is expensive--$70 for the two of us in the second tier. But why not give those empty seats to senior citizens, who deserve a break living on social security. One call to a senior citizens center would cause a lot of happiness and entertainment for an appreciative audience.
August 10, 2005
I learned with great sadness about David Shaw's passing ["He Savored Life With Grace and Gusto," Aug. 3]. I enjoyed his wit, outspokenness and depth of knowledge. So many of his articles made me think, laugh His columns were the kind that I occasionally forwarded to friends and family for further discussion. I wish I had known him personally so that I could have made him a simple meal and enjoyed one of his fabulous bottles of wine! I will miss his columns and insight, and I send my deepest sympathy to his family and colleagues.
December 23, 1989
I just read where the Coliseum Commission is trying to keep Al Davis' Raiders in Los Angeles by proposing to build a new stadium. This is the same commission that proposed renovating the old stadium when the team started playing here in 1982. Does Davis remember the now forgotten luxury boxes? The members of the commission do not want Davis to stay, they just do not want to be held responsible for the Raiders' departure. JOHN DeWITT, Downey
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