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July 8, 2013 | By Manar Mohsen
CAIRO -- An assault on an encampment of supporters of ousted Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi during Muslim prayers early Monday was unprovoked and sudden, protesters told The Times in interviews following the clash. Muslim Brotherhood officials, who are supporting Morsi, said Egyptian security forces raided the encampment outside the Republican Guard compound where followers of the former president have been protesting for days, demanding the release of their leader. Morsi is believed to be under arrest there since a military coup last week.
November 15, 2011 | By Kate Linthicum and Joel Rubin, Los Angeles Times
With Occupy protesters cleared out of camps in Oakland, Portland and New York in recent days, the encampment of tents surrounding Los Angeles City Hall is among the biggest and last such protests still standing. But on Tuesday, Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck said it cannot stand indefinitely. Beck said police were working with protesters on a timeline to shut down or move the camp while avoiding the sort of confrontations seen in other cities. But several protesters said they knew of no negotiations or timeline to end the demonstration.
October 27, 2011 | By Lee Romney, Maria L. La Ganga and Robert J. Lopez, Los Angeles Times
Reporting from Oakland, San Francisco and Los Angeles -- Hundreds of supporters of the Occupy Oakland movement were gathered late Wednesday near the area where police and demonstrators clashed in a violent confrontation the night before that left several people injured and more than 100 others arrested. Meanwhile, across the bay, Occupy San Francisco demonstrators faced off with police clad in riot gear along the Embarcadero. Officers chased after several people who had gathered along the street, but it was unclear late Wednesday whether any arrests had been made.
November 25, 2002
"Crackdown Demanded on Skid Row Camps" (Nov. 19) states that some agencies that provide services to the homeless denounced our plan, saying that "it was merely another attempt to sweep the streets of homeless people who have nowhere else to go." In fact, our plan specifically calls for an anti-street encampment ordinance in conjunction with providing a shelter bed for every person removed from an encampment. Another so-called homeless advocate stated that "most addicts and mentally ill are not service-resistant," they just don't want to abide by the rules at shelters.
November 5, 2011 | By Maria L. La Ganga and Lee Romney, Los Angeles Times
Reporting from Oakland -- A year ago, lifelong progressive activist and Oakland Councilwoman Jean Quan linked arms with protesters and faced off against a phalanx of officers in riot gear near this city's graceful civic center. On Thursday there she was as mayor, police chief by her side, trying to explain her response to Occupy Oakland. Quan had ordered police last week to dismantle the tent city. Then she let the protesters rebuild. A general strike Wednesday started out peacefully but turned violent.
November 9, 1992 | DONNA PERLMUTTER
On the patio outside Ambassador Auditorium, a couple of Frula musicians-turned-vendors manned a sale table filled with trinkets representing the arts and crafts of Eastern Europe. A few minutes later, onstage, they picked up their instruments and accompanied the troupe's 25 dancers in a program titled "Tzigane." That's where the resemblance to Gypsy life, as strangers might perceive it, ended.
December 30, 2003 | Andrew Blankstein, Times Staff Writer
A makeshift encampment a stone's throw from Staples Center was cleared of more than 100 street people by police before a city skip loader flattened it Monday. City officials said they were responding to complaints from local businesses, increasing crime and unsanitary conditions at the encampment, next door to a homeless shelter on Golden Avenue just west of the Harbor Freeway. Los Angeles police had posted notices warning the homeless that their camp would be dismantled Monday and offering room in shelters.
February 6, 2002 | From Times Staff and Wire Reports.
The Camp Paradise homeless plan to resurrect their riverside encampment, but the city has said it will boot any squatters. "I'm going all the way," camp founder Larry Templeton said, vowing to pitch tents this week along the San Lorenzo River near the California 1 bridge. About 15 people were expected to move into Camp Paradise, which had 50 residents in its heyday last year. The encampment existed openly from February 2001 until the river washed it away in December.
July 19, 1992
The predictable response of Boss Myers and his supportive City Council majority in Santa Monica to not prosecute under the anti-encampment law simply highlights the fact that the five bobbing heads on the council insulate Boss Bob from ever having to answer personally to the electorate of Santa Monica. Instead, the residents of Santa Monica remain hostage to the moral whims of an unelected public official whose contempt for the values of ordinary people would make him unelectable.
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